Prayer For Serenity

One week left until school, and your to do list is probably a mile long each day.  I know mine surely is.  Last week we prayed for the stamina to keep up.  And while we should repeat that prayer as often as necessary, we need to realize that God is answering us.

Keeping that in mind, while we do our inventory of kids clothing, then the shopping necessary.  Don’t forget to notice the serene moments you get along the way.  Adjusting back to the school sleeping schedule should be a great time to enjoy the serene moments, theoretically.  All too soon we will be complaining it is too quiet in the house, or thou don’t get enough cuddle time anymore.  The fact is that those little buggies just grow way to fast.  So enjoy these moments while you can.

And remember, the to do list might be a mile long, but there is always time for an extra hug, or some extra grubbin time.  Enjoy it while it lasts, because you might blink one day, and realize that college is weeks away, and it’s almost time for those buggies to leave the nest.

Dear God,

Thank you for all the serene moments we receive.  In busy times and in the calm times.  Help us to recognize all those little moments in life that matter the most, so that we may savor the serenity of the moment and cherish ask those great times for many years to come.

In Jesus name,



Prayer For Stamina

I hear about all these picture perfect mommies out there.  Six kids, appointments galore, church activities, play dates, family, friends, etc.  All the while they’re perfectly dressed, hair and nails done, and children together like they just got ready and no hair is out of place.  Oh yeah, don’t forget camping, birthday parties, and other family get togethers.

I can’t fathom how they can keep that perfect smile and temper.  How they can even keep that pep I their step.

Meanwhile, I’m realizing I’m in need of more tobacco sooner than I thought.  I’m a hot mess, and my children look like they just hopped out of bed five minutes after I get them all done up nice…

Time fit all us mommies to realize something.  Those mommies are mostly that…the picture of perfection.  We are all frazzled, exhausted, and want to change our names by now.  And we’ve heard mommy a good fifty times in less than two minutes.

We’re all counting down to school time and wondering how we’re going to make it through.  Dundee if us get add aches and pains and are using sheer will power to keep moving.  Our motivation, that end goal is school and five minutes of peace.

So this prayer is for all those frazzled mommies out there.  You’re not alone and you will make it.  Here is my prayer for the stamina to make it through.

“Dear God,

Lift me up, guide me through, carry me through this.  I can’t do it without you.  Give me the stamina to finish these few weeks.  So I can finally have five minutes of peace.

In Jesus name,



Lately the country is feeding off of all this violence, racism, and separation.  During all the violence that is going on in the world, the worst thing we could do right now is divide.

Now is the time we need to remember the song that most of us learned when we were younger…


Jesus loves the little children

All the children of the world

Red and yellow, black and white

They are precious in his sight

Jesus loves the little children if the world


(Did you sing this when you read it?  I did!)

Racism is taught. We are not born with this hatred.  We spread it like a disease.

God created us all like snowflakes.  All with a purpose, but none the same.  We sparkle and shine in the light, and melt in the heat.

I challenge you to shine that light on someone you would normally just pass right by.  Lift up your head and look.  Pass that kindness on.  Actively choose to do a kind act to someone at least one time a day.

Further more, for Facebook users.  While we are posting about our days and opinions, share something uplifting.  Share a story of love, compassion, empathy, and togetherness.  You never know who you will touch, but I guarantee you will touch someone.

The news has sensationalized all the hate, let’s sensationalize compassion.  Let’s spread the only cure to the disease called hate…Let’s spread love and kindness…compassion.

Leave a comment below to share more kindness.


So another holiday, more family gatherings.  Making plans to remember those who’ve given up their lives for us. How blessed we are.

So, for celebration each year during memorial day we go enjoy the land that many of men and women died to protect.  Also to celebrate all these wonderful gifts God has given us.

I’ve been thinking today, of the many things God has blessed me with. Grin my children and husband to family and friends.  So each year I share one of my gifts of talent God has given me.  And today I’m going to share it with all of you.

Tips and Tricks To Balance Busy Children

On March 8th, I discussed what a busy child was. Just a quick recap, this list describes a busy child.

  • Intense Emotions
  • Full of Energy
  • Persistent
  • Perceptive
  • Irregular
  • Moody
  • Sensitive
  • Doesn’t adapt well
  • Highly Focused


So let’s break it down.

From the time they wake up, until the time they finally go to sleep, these buggies are at top speed. How does a mother prepare for that? Well, just like with the high maintenance baby, the big key is to sleep when they do, so you are not run down. You have to look at these buggies with a very positive disposition, and explain things to them often to help them keep focus, and prepare yourself on how to divert their attention and focus when needed.

The moods of our buggies can change frequently as it is, but add in the busy child, and you’ll notice that they hold grudges longer, and can remember when you didn’t give them candy, etc., etc., etc. That doesn’t mean bribe them to like you, but you will have to work at it if you lose their trust. I’m already a firm believer that if you promise something you should follow through. Broken promises hurt, no matter how little you think they are, they mean the world to a buggy. And to a sensitive soul, it hurts even more.

Each emotion is intense, and each mood can change rapidly. Our little buggies are difficult to get into a schedule, but once they are there, you cannot stray. They will even let you know, when they are older, that you changed something or missed something in their schedule. Also, by scheduling them, you are getting them focused on what they need to be doing, which can help them remove focus from something they shouldn’t be doing.

Give these buggies something to do. If you’re cooking or cleaning, and they are doing anything they can to get your attention, including intentionally doing something they shouldn’t. Get them involved in what you are doing. Today, I was washing and drying dishes.   Belly Bug just wouldn’t let me do my thing, so I asked her if she wanted to help. She was over joyed, and helped mama dry dishes. When she was done, she happily went outside, and kept the rules in mind, to play with her sister. And also let them know when it is time to help mommy and when it is time to find something else to do. A promise to help mommy with something later, may be all the redirection your buggy needs.

Remember, they’re persistent, so that means you’ll have to be as well. If at first you don’t succeed, don’t be surprised if it takes fifty tries to get it through their head. And don’t be afraid to involve the other parent. When I’m at my end, I send her off to daddy bug, and he does the same.256H

Build a Support Group

Build a line of support, to help you on your way. People you love and trust. I personally have family that helps me when I need to. The rest I try to work into a schedule that fits our whole family here. If it doesn’t work, I push it into something that does work. Having a friend or family member that you can talk to when you need to vent. And don’t vent in front of your child. You don’t want them to think that they are so naughty you can’t stand them.

Hang in there mama, you are soooo not alone.