Picture this, Mama Bug, running, frantic, around the house in circles around the phone, like you see in the cartoons screaming, “OH MY!  GOD IS CALLING!!!”  Then picture Inni Bug screaming back, “Well, PICK IT UP!!!”  Well, these past few weeks have been exactly that.  Sometimes our call seems so overwhelming.  So scary, that we freak out.  We forget that God wouldn’t have given us this job, had we not been able to do exactly that.

Imagine further, me (Mama Bug), on the phone with God.  God is saying, “Bug, I want you to do this…”  Then, my retort is, “But, God, I can’t see or talk to people!!!  Are you serious right now? *SQUEEE!!!*”  Well, as I’d be on the line hyperventilating, God would remind me of my brother from another mother, Moses.

Moses, too, went through this exact feeling.  These same thoughts.  And, today at church, we had a great reminder in:

Exodus 4:10-12

Moses said to the Lord,  “Oh Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past no since you have spoken to your servant.  I am slow of speech and tongue.”  The Lord said to him,  “Who gave man his mouth?  Who makes him deaf or mute?  Who gives him sight or makes him blind?  Is it not I, the Lord?  Now, go; I Will help you speak and will teach you want to say.”

So, basically Moses is telling God that he isn’t the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to speaking to people.  And, God wants Moses to do something tremendous in speaking to people?  So, God is telling Moses, seriously, I’m the one that made you.  I can make a person how I want, so just get up and go.  Get it done, I’ll speak through you and teach you along the way.

Or, in a simpler tongue, shut up, get going, and worry not, for I got your back!  Lately I’ve needed that reminder as well.  And to get my behind moving, instead of sitting back and moping around about how I don’t think I can, something explodes to help me along God’s journey for me.

Recently I’ve been entirely bummed about not having a mommy group around here.  Or a play group for my kids.  Or church friends at my church that I can hang out with, and our kids can play together.  So, God told me,  “Don’t wait for it Mama Bug.  Get up and do it.  Make it be with me.”

So, I started by going to the board at my church for both major ideas, and not only did I convince the board hands down, I was worried for no reason.   AND they said I didn’t ask for enough!!!  As I get going from there, I am freaking out because things are getting a bit too close for comfort with Trader Mom’s (which is my clothing trading helping program for mommies), then Inni makes a request for some donations, and BOOM!!!

Of course, this communication from God to me, was a get to work and stop crying about it, kind of communication, it worked.  Now, picture me, lost in a mountain of clothes going, “Okay God, I get it!  Just keep going.”  He really is working through me.  And, I really need to stop freaking out just because I’m not in control.  He is.

When we really need it the most, and if we can stop freaking out for two seconds, we could hear God saying, “Knock it off, breathe, and move.  You’re okay, I’m here.”  I’ve noticed that, just in this last week alone.  Trader Mom’s is moving along wonderfully, AND, Children’s Church took off flying out of the door even.  And, the whole time I feel like I’m not quite making it everywhere I need to, I look back and realize that sure I wasn’t.  But, God was!  And he was pushing me there.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because maybe it is time for you to pick up the phone when God is calling you too.  Maybe you’re still running in circles and you need a friend to tell you to pick it up as well.  He made us in his image, and he will never give us something we can’t handle.  And, frankly, even if he did, he would be carrying us anyways and since he can do the impossible…what are we worried about?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to what God is asking us to do.  Yes, we need to do the work.  And, if you think for one second all that I am doing in God’s name is a cake walk, well, I will pray you get a similar slice of cake yourself.  We will have to get our hands very dirty, but when we look back at what God did through our dirty hands, a smile and a tear may be all we can do, but may be more than enough to describe that feeling.

Dear God,

Please give us the courage to pick up that phone when you call (metaphorically speaking), and give us the strength and stamina to keep up with what you are asking and allow you to work through us.  Take our hands and mold the world the way you want us to.  We lift our hands up to you and your will.

Thank you, Father.  In Jesus Name.



Volunteer And Trading Time

Hello everyone!  This was supposed to be for yesterday, however, I ran out of time in my day.  So, today is just as inspired as yesterday was, and I’m going to share my thoughts on this now.

During service, yesterday, our message was on volunteering.  And, to make a great point, service was led by a volunteer who was taking the place of pastor, while he was out.  He used the volunteering of building our church as a base example, but he went further than that even.fall-678492_1920

So, to start out, I want to share with you the prayer we had started the message out with, yesterday.

A Volunteer’s Prayer

I thank thee, Lord, as a volunteer:

For the chance to serve again this year;

To give of myself in some small way

To those not blessed as I each day.


My thanks for health of mind and soul

To aid me ever toward my goal;

For eyes to see the good in all,

A hand to extend before a fall.


For legs to go where the need is great

Learning to love – forgetting to hate;

For ears to hear and heart to care

When someone’s cross is hard to bear


A smile to show my affection true,

With energy plenty the task to do;

And all I ask, dear Lord, if I may,

Is to serve you better, day by day.

This prayer came from the bulletin from Lyon’s Muir Church as well as from newsletternewsletter.com Oct. 2008

To me, this sermon spoke very deeply.  I know I have been slacking a bit on the writing end.  But, I can assure you that Mama Bug has been hard at work.  I have been volunteering time to help those in need and have been helping at church.

One of the things I have been working on, is something I call Trader Mom’s.  And, I am happy to say that I am finally ready to launch it officially.  It is still a work in progress, however, I intend to work hard to get it going very well.

What is Trader Mom’s?

Trader Mom’s is something I have started that is similar to a Mom to Mom sale, however, there will be no cash exchanged here.  It is simply mother’s coming in and trading.  So, say your buggy was wearing a 2T, however they have now grown out of it, and you are in need of 3T’s like nobody’s business.  And to top it all off, you really don’t have the money to go and resupply your buggy’s entire wardrobe.  Or, maybe you just need a few things to hold you over until you can afford new clothes.  You just bring in those 2T’s that your buggy doesn’t fit into anymore, and trade them for some 3T’s.  Simple as that.

What if I don’t need to trade, but want to help?

So, you don’t need to trade, but you are blessed with an overabundance of clothing.  Well, that is how I started the Trader Mom’s idea.  I have been blessed with three beautiful girl buggies, and many a hand me down.  So many that my buggy’s dressers were exploding with clothing.  But, I didn’t want to just through them out.  So I started Trader Mom’s instead.  You can VOLUNTEER your extra clothing to help grow Trader Mom’s inventory, for those that do need it.

What if I want to help, but do not have clothing to give?

For those of you, who do not have clothing to give, there are still many ways to help.  You can donate financially and, or, contact me to see if there are any things needed to be done for Trader Mom’s.  I may have a few needs.  Like, currently, I am in need of totes and containers to hold and organize the clothing I have.Journaling

What does this have to do with volunteering?

Often we look at things and pass them by.  We don’t think twice about what it could be doing for others.  We don’t realize the unseen hands behind the scenes trying to put things together.  Or, sometimes, we are those unnoticed unseen hands behind the scenes being passed by.  God wants us to help one another.  He wants us to share those blessings that we have been abundantly blessed with.  There are many ways and many things we all can volunteer for, this is just one of the things I was called to do for my fellow mommies.

One more note on Trader Mom’s

Trader Mom’s will have all types and sizes of clothing, and will be for little bugs and big bugs alike.   This is a start to something bigger, and as it grows, I hope to share the progress with you all.  If you are in need, would like to donate, or would like to volunteer your help with Trader Mom’s please contact me and let me know.  I would love to hear from you!

Have you ever?

Have you ever volunteered?  Did God call you to this, or was it something you created?  What kinds of things are you passionate about giving back for?  And what are you abundantly blessed in?  Leave me a comment below.


We all deal with change differently.  Some change is necessary, some is unexpected, and some is inevitable.  So, what should we do when we are confronted with the idea of change, no matter how necessary it may be?  A wonderful verse and song comes to mind in this subject.

Psalm 118:24

This is the day that the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice, and be glad in it.

Change helps us learn and grow.  And, we are never promised tomorrow, so embrace the change.  Rejoice in it.  You may realize a bit later, that this change was an answer to a prayer.  You may or may not like the outcome, however, the change is part of who you are and who you will be.  So, embrace and rejoice in the change that God has given you.  Rejoice in this day, because it will never come again.  And learn and grow, from and through your changes.

If we handle our changes well, we teach our children to do the same.  We can teach our buggies, that change is something that we can control sometimes, or sometimes it is something that just has to happen.  However, either way, we can ride with the change, and benefit from it.

I pray that all your prayers are answered through God’s changes in your lives.

Giving Up Control

Something I’ve noticed with myself lately is that I’ve started this journey to gather a community and spread God’s word.  And I’ve just run off with it at times, without even stopping to ask the big guy if that’s the direction he wants me to go.

Sometimes in life we need to stop and do just that.  Ask the big guy what he wants us to do and stop trying to control everything around us.  If we truly learned to let go, and let God, our lives puzzle pieces would just fall into place.

As mothers, especially, this is way easier said than done.  We’re so used to taking the reins and leading or families through this circus called life, even when we need God the most, we still don’t let go.  Yes, it’s scary to say, “Hey big papa.  I’m fine trying it my way.  Take the reins and lead on.”  But why is it scary?

It’s scary because we don’t have or hands in it.  It’s scary because we don’t understand the outcome, or can’t perceive it.  However, we need to remember, our Father will never let us down or lead us astray.  He loves us more deeply than we can imagine, and if we think about that total instead of the fear that tries to creep in, then we can truly see what God has in store for us.  We can live the life he intended us to live.

We need to be patient, and understand our prayers will be answered.  And we also need to remember that sometimes we need that spiritual reminder whether it’s from a sister, a friend, a church member, our even a pastor.  (Yes even a pastor.  They don’t bite, and they are people just like us so don’t freak out and avoid this path because it may be just what you need.)

So give up that control. Ask for help if you need it.  You never know, one day soon, you may return the favor. Leave a comment below for help or guidance, whether giving or receiving.

(Quick thanks to Inni Bug.  Reality checks are always welcome!)


Ephesians 4:31-32 NIV

Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

You may be wondering why I’m worrying about forgiveness today.  Well, recent events remind me of this a lot.  All the anger and hatred going around is only being fueled more.  Often people wonder why you should forgive someone.  Especially if they have wronged you in a way you feel inexcusable.

The question is often, “Why?  Why should I forgive that person?  He did this to me.”  However, to forgive someone will free you of the burden of the anger and hate that sits and will fester, just like an untreated wound.  If we hold on to that anger, it allows the enemy a foothold and will always hold you back.

Then there is the other side of the coin.  I talked about doing a kindness to someone you would not normally do.  Sometimes the kindness and love of forgiveness will open a door in the life of that person you forgave.  Giving them the opportunity to heal and grow in ways we may not imagine.  Truly forgiveness is loving your neighbor.

If we all practiced forgiveness more often, the enemy then loses that foothold called hate.  They can no longer grasp that grudge and hold you down.  To forgive, yes frees the one in need of forgiveness.  But it also frees us of our burdens that we hold in our hearts.


How to Teach The Buggies About God

Have you ever sat down and started to read the Bible to your child.  Starting in the new testament, you might realize, it can be a little traumatizing.  Even for myself, I wince often reading some of the things that had happened back then.  So, how do you share this with your children?

My very close friend, Inni Bug, started reading the new testament to her children.  When she got to this part:

Matthew 32:16-18

Herod was furious when he learned that the astrologers had disobeyed him.  Sending soldiers to Bethlehem, he order them to kill every baby boy two years old and under, both in the town and on the nearby farms, for the astrologers had told him the star first appeared to them two years before.  This brutal action of Herod’s fulfilled the prophecy of Jeremiah, “Screams of anguish come from Ramah, Weeping unrestrained; Rachel weeping for her children, Uncomforted–For they are dead.”

How do you even begin to read that to a child, let alone explain all of that.  It tugs at my heart-strings, as it did with Inni Bug.  So, when she read this to her children, Ball Bug, (her son), “Mom, did he really kill a bunch of baby boys?”

Talk about being stumped.  So, Inni Bug brings this up to me.  Of course, we need to teach our children about the birth of Jesus, and the other history behind it.  But, how do you begin to paraphrase this so it does not traumatize your child.  Yes, there are books you can get, however, there is something to be said about a parent telling the story themselves.

So, homework for today…What are your thoughts on this.  Have you had the same problem before?  Are you having this problem now?  Leave your comments and or concerns below.  Let’s get this ball rolling!!!