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Hi, I’m Heather.  I’m 33 years old with 3 bitty bugs that are 2, 4, and 6 years old.  I’m also married!!!  This makes me constantly busy, just like every other mother around, especially with three buggies that young.

On top of this I have a few health problems that try to slow me down every day.  In the past couple years I have been struggling with chronic pain, and other odd things happening like migraines weekly, random high blood pressure, new and more pain, and a few more things.  Given all this I have fallen behind on quite a few things in my house, due to being down from pain and illness.

If your house is anything like mine, when you are down then hardly anything gets done.  And that is putting it lightly.  As a matter of fact, the three little tornados run through the house, the daddy bug gets home, exhausted from work, and sore himself, so the majority of the time, he cannot help either.  Things just add up, and you get overwhelmed and in a funk.

So, as I reclaim my house and put it back the way it used to be, and try to get back to normal with the help of doctors and such, I am going to put my experiences here.  I am not a doctor in any way, I haven’t gotten any advanced education in these areas, except for real life experience.

And the Point Is?

Here at Busy Buggies, the point is to acknowledge some of the harder parts of motherhood, and learn to deal with them in 260Ha way that can keep you happy and not break your little buggies spirits.  It’s not an easy feat to be cooking, cleaning, teaching your 4-year-old her colors while trying to keep her off the top of the table and in her seat…then add in the two-year old… “No, Do Bug, you can’t build steps up to the door to unlock the dead bolt and handle lock so you can tear off outside.  Mommy locked the door so that you could not go outside.  You will have to wait until I am done here, and then I can take you out to play.”   And this would be all before the oldest bug gets home from school, and the Daddy Bug from work.

If you’re like me, your daily goal would be a clean house, dinner hot and ready on the table when the husband gets home, all three kids sitting there, waiting patiently for Daddy so we can say grace and eat together as a family…Then the screaming reality kicks in, and your husband walks into screeching happiness, toys throughout the house, dinner half done, hair a mess, and the Bean Bug rambling 60 miles an hour about the new song she learned at school, the playground play fight, and her new friend.  You can barely kiss your husband hello, and at this point all you want to do is hand off the rice and run into your bathroom, lock the door and hide for five minutes (and possibly even cry, yes I’ve had those days).

I’ve looked for help, searched blogs, and maybe I’m just not searching in the right areas, however, everything I have found the mother behind it seems like SUPERMOM!!!!  So entirely perfect, that it just doesn’t seem real.  So, in a lot of areas I can relate to an extent.  I would like to get back to the point where I appear (at least) to be the supermom again.  However, I want to be able to do that, and still tell you like it is.  Or you tell me like it is.

Why Help?

So, how can you bring all that down to a “normal level” so that you can have some peace of mind throughout the day and get to the point that you’d like to be?  Well you’re in the right place.  This is a place for me to air out a few things I deal with on  a daily basis, and them solve them with things I’ve tried, maybe even researched, or maybe you have suggested yourself.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is have a community that understands so that you can learn to adapt.  You aren’t alone in this, and you surely aren’t the only mother with busy buggies, or whom is a busy buggy herself.

I want to create that community to help one another, and bring back some mother team work, whether it’s from next door, 118Hor across the country.  I want to take that lonely feeling away from mothers (and fathers) who feel like they may have tried everything.  You’re here for a reason, why not stay and maybe help the next person that comes here at her wit’s end, and half bald?

So remember, you aren’t alone at all.  I’m here, and ready to help however I can.  I will share my experiences with you, and show you that it works (or doesn’t work).  I will do the research, but a lot of this I feel calls for a real life, down to earth approach.  Sometimes you just need that friend to tell you, “WOMAN, quit banging your head against that wall.  If it hasn’t worked yet (trying to go through the wall), then maybe its time to find another; perhaps the way around it.

If you can’t find it then leave a comment, or head over to my contact page, and contact me.  We’ll work it out together.  Who knows, you may be the inspiration for the next post!!!



Mama Bug

aka Heather