Picture this, Mama Bug, running, frantic, around the house in circles around the phone, like you see in the cartoons screaming, “OH MY!  GOD IS CALLING!!!”  Then picture Inni Bug screaming back, “Well, PICK IT UP!!!”  Well, these past few weeks have been exactly that.  Sometimes our call seems so overwhelming.  So scary, that we freak out.  We forget that God wouldn’t have given us this job, had we not been able to do exactly that.

Imagine further, me (Mama Bug), on the phone with God.  God is saying, “Bug, I want you to do this…”  Then, my retort is, “But, God, I can’t see or talk to people!!!  Are you serious right now? *SQUEEE!!!*”  Well, as I’d be on the line hyperventilating, God would remind me of my brother from another mother, Moses.

Moses, too, went through this exact feeling.  These same thoughts.  And, today at church, we had a great reminder in:

Exodus 4:10-12

Moses said to the Lord,  “Oh Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past no since you have spoken to your servant.  I am slow of speech and tongue.”  The Lord said to him,  “Who gave man his mouth?  Who makes him deaf or mute?  Who gives him sight or makes him blind?  Is it not I, the Lord?  Now, go; I Will help you speak and will teach you want to say.”

So, basically Moses is telling God that he isn’t the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to speaking to people.  And, God wants Moses to do something tremendous in speaking to people?  So, God is telling Moses, seriously, I’m the one that made you.  I can make a person how I want, so just get up and go.  Get it done, I’ll speak through you and teach you along the way.

Or, in a simpler tongue, shut up, get going, and worry not, for I got your back!  Lately I’ve needed that reminder as well.  And to get my behind moving, instead of sitting back and moping around about how I don’t think I can, something explodes to help me along God’s journey for me.

Recently I’ve been entirely bummed about not having a mommy group around here.  Or a play group for my kids.  Or church friends at my church that I can hang out with, and our kids can play together.  So, God told me,  “Don’t wait for it Mama Bug.  Get up and do it.  Make it be with me.”

So, I started by going to the board at my church for both major ideas, and not only did I convince the board hands down, I was worried for no reason.   AND they said I didn’t ask for enough!!!  As I get going from there, I am freaking out because things are getting a bit too close for comfort with Trader Mom’s (which is my clothing trading helping program for mommies), then Inni makes a request for some donations, and BOOM!!!

Of course, this communication from God to me, was a get to work and stop crying about it, kind of communication, it worked.  Now, picture me, lost in a mountain of clothes going, “Okay God, I get it!  Just keep going.”  He really is working through me.  And, I really need to stop freaking out just because I’m not in control.  He is.

When we really need it the most, and if we can stop freaking out for two seconds, we could hear God saying, “Knock it off, breathe, and move.  You’re okay, I’m here.”  I’ve noticed that, just in this last week alone.  Trader Mom’s is moving along wonderfully, AND, Children’s Church took off flying out of the door even.  And, the whole time I feel like I’m not quite making it everywhere I need to, I look back and realize that sure I wasn’t.  But, God was!  And he was pushing me there.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because maybe it is time for you to pick up the phone when God is calling you too.  Maybe you’re still running in circles and you need a friend to tell you to pick it up as well.  He made us in his image, and he will never give us something we can’t handle.  And, frankly, even if he did, he would be carrying us anyways and since he can do the impossible…what are we worried about?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to what God is asking us to do.  Yes, we need to do the work.  And, if you think for one second all that I am doing in God’s name is a cake walk, well, I will pray you get a similar slice of cake yourself.  We will have to get our hands very dirty, but when we look back at what God did through our dirty hands, a smile and a tear may be all we can do, but may be more than enough to describe that feeling.

Dear God,

Please give us the courage to pick up that phone when you call (metaphorically speaking), and give us the strength and stamina to keep up with what you are asking and allow you to work through us.  Take our hands and mold the world the way you want us to.  We lift our hands up to you and your will.

Thank you, Father.  In Jesus Name.