Catching Up

Another holiday, summer is here, and the kids are finally getting out of school.  Oh my…what a mess.  Trying to keep the house clean as well as clean up from our day camping sessions.  More visitors are stopping by and I’m getting more and more self-conscious about how the house looks.  You add a cake into the mix, then I’m dreading clean up and company of any kind.

So, how do you deal?

From a young age we are constantly comparing ourselves to other women.  “She looks prettier,” or, “I want to look like her.”  It continues as we get older as well.  “I can’t believe that woman can do all that, I wish I could.”  We are constantly comparing ourselves to other women.  We aren’t accounting for what is actually going on in our lives or theirs.  We even do the opposite and put someone down without knowing what their story is.

What does this actually do for us though?

Absolutely nothing!  We get so far behind trying to be like someone else that we get lost and backed up.  We forget that we have to work into what works for us and our families.  What works for me may not work for you.  Or maybe what works for me, you never thought about.  We also need to stop being so down on ourselves.  That doesn’t mean put it off, but if you’ve worked to your limit, and there are still a few things that didn’t get done…well, leave it for tomorrow.  It isn’t going anywhere.

I’ve been blessed with friends that are happy to help where they can.  I have one friend whose house is always immaculate.  It hardly ever looks like she has three children that live there.  But, then she always has dishes in the sink.  She loves to clean, and when she comes here and watches me struggling, she keeps me company and picks up the vacuum or broom and helps out.  She doesn’t judge me for what I can and cannot do, and she does what she can to help me along.  She loves coming over after I’ve done a cake, or I’ve been backed up on laundry because she likes to vacuum and she happens to really like my vacuum.  Strange the things you like when you become a mother.

Not every one of us is blessed with a OCD friend that comes over and picks up the slack, but that still doesn’t mean we should stress so much on it and allow ourselves to get even more backed up.  If you’ve ever had a friend like that, you can see how easily it is to feel like you aren’t doing well enough.  Well, why can’t I keep my house that clean.  She’s got three kids as well.  But if you look at it closer, there are many differences between your OCD friend and yourself.  Besides, what works for her doesn’t work for me.  Also, I really don’t want to spend my entire time searching out each and every tiny spec of dust in the house.

So, what is the trick?

Allowing yourself certain time and a structure to when and how you clean.  Including catch up time, that you will have from time to time.  experimenting for what will work for you, and how to clean as you go.  Organizing so that it suits you and your family.  And the biggest one of all…stop comparing yourself to others.  We’re all different, and that’s the way God made us.

Leave a comment below to share some of your experiences.



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