MYO Quiet Time Marker Book

MYO Quiet Time Marker Book

There are many, many ways to have quiet time for your children. Eventually they grow out of nap time. So, keeping schedules for our busy buggies sometimes seems difficult. A lot of children end up going to video games, tablets, phones, and the like. And they do this at such a young age.

My Beanie Bug, who is six years old, as actually asked for a phone. She wants a phone because her friend, whom is the same age as Beanie, has a phone of her own. I told Beanie there was no way she was getting her own phone at such a young age. This has become common place for young bugs to have things like this. So, how do you curb this? Yes, use these devices to help them learn. As well as teach them how and when to use these devices. However, learning can be fun in a non-technological way as well.

You don’t have to use quiet time books for just nap time, either. You can use them in the car. Set up some time before bed time, to help them calm down before or after their bed time routine. There are so many ways to utilize this. Plus, the ideas are limitless. You can print them out yourself. You can use workbooks you find at Dollar Tree or other stores. You can hand make them, (I’ve done this, and it may take time, but I make copies after I do this so that I can duplicate as needed.)

Pick You Poison

Decide how you want to set out your Quiet Time Marker Book. Then gather your materials. For us, here at the Buggy House, I’m testing out printable online worksheets. So this is what my ingredients list looks like:

  • Gather and print worksheets
  • Laminate pages
  • Punch holes to fit in binder
  • Place in binderQuiet time marker books

Gather markers to use with, or allow the buggies to use what they have already.

And, that’s it. There really isn’t much to it, but at the same time, there is sooooo much that you can do with it. For my buggies, especially my Beanie Bug, practicing her writing gives her the freedom to read and write more. Then she can write stories with all her pictures she draws. When you go to make these books, make them around your child’s interests. For example, Beanie is my diva. If I make this centered around her writing about princesses or make-up, or even dress parties, tea parties, baby dolls, or anything diva like, then she will be so engrossed in this book. And that is what you want. Capture what your buggy likes the most. She’ll never want to put it down.

For Belly Bug, she loves dinosaurs, frogs, nursery rhymes, bugs, etc. She needs to work on writing her name and practicing writing. So, mixing these will make a fun book that keeps her practicing. You could also keep in the Zoo Phonics system that a lot of buggies are learning at school. Which is another thing Belly Bug loves, and will point out letters excitedly to tell you if it looks like Sammy Snake or Allie Alligator.

Again, the options are limitless. Leave me a comment below to tell me some of the ideas you like and work for your buggy.


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