The Lion and The Lioness

I was inspired today from Sunday School.  We talked about a mother’s love and compassion and how it compares with God’s.  Often, many of us may not understand just how much we are loved by God, and the easiest explanation is to look at our mothers.  Or just mothers in general.

Maternal instinct goes way back.  It is something we do naturally.  When our children need us, we’re right there.  If someone poses a danger to our children, the lioness comes alive inside of us, and we protect our young fiercely.  We put those little buggies in front of our needs, and behind us when they need protecting.  But why?

God made us all in his image.  He has such a great love and compassion for us, and he did put it in us.  We can know a piece of what his love and compassion is like just by looking at mothers.  And, just like a mother, when something is a danger to us, he comes out like a lion to protect his children as well.

As we grow, we push ourselves away from our mothers, and try to fend for ourselves.  We often do not allow them to come into our lives to protect us.  We do the same with God.  Including coming back and blaming God or our mothers for not protecting us, or doing for us, or whatever the case.  Which also means, that as mothers, we experience a little piece of pain that God feels when we reject him.

Lets face it, you know you cried the first time your babies say, “I hate you.”  However, we say things like that to our Heavenly Father often.  We refuse to let him in, but when things are hard, we say, “Why did you do this to me, God?”  When in all actuality he is not the reason we are in that situation.  Sometimes it is choice, and sometimes it is the other end.  When things clear up, after we’ve prayed we often forget to speak to God again for some time, unless we need help.

We do this to our mothers, and our children will do it to us, until that day that they come back and apologize for being a pain or all the troubles we may have caused.  This makes a mother glow, and she never rejects us, no matter how awful we have been in the past.  Again, this is just a tiny piece of what God is and does for us.

So, the next time you thank your mother, send a little shout out up to heaven to thank God…for him, for our mothers, our children, and for ourselves.  Thank him for having a special connection with him, by knowing that tiny piece that he feels as well.


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