The Elusive Mombition

Ambition is one of those things that some people have and some of us struggle for.  I’m not talking about the ambition that drives us to go further in careers and such.  I’m talking about daily ambition just to even get out of bed.  After you’ve been in pain for so long, it becomes an elusive thing.  However, when you’re a mom, you don’t have time for ambition.  It’s called mombition.

Mombition is ambition to keep up with the house, kids, husband, dog, friends, family, current events, you name it.  We have all these things to keep up with.  But, what happens when your health gets in the way of that?  This mombition becomes elusive.  It’s falling into a pattern of knowing you cannot do things, so why bother.  I can’t go out and run, so why bother.  But, it turns into other things.  Without our mombition, we slowly sink into a depression.

So, how do you combat this?

Well, by getting up and doing something.  That’s the general answer.  However, we aren’t neglecting our buggies or families.  We’re neglecting ourselves, and we’re doing so with the why bother idea.  So, to jump-start that ambition and regain our mombition, we have to jump-start it by helping others.

So, last week I started testing this theory by helping as much as I could.  However, once you get that under your belt, it still isn’t necessarily what you need.  For me, it is learning how to balance two very basic symptoms.  Pain and dizziness.  Since we aren’t much farther in the direct causes of both, we still have to focus on limits.  However, without that mombition, those limits are hard to find and easy to give in sooner, making your limits smaller.  Then making your own home feel almost like a prison.

What does that mean?

It means get up and get out.  Yes, you may need more sit down time than normal.  Yes, it may well hurt so much worse tomorrow.  But, why dwell in that?  Why not get out there and dig up the dirt.  Have great conversation with someone you haven’t been able to because they were busy and you were stuck at home.  You may not be much of a help in these circumstances, however, getting out there and doing it really does test those limits and gives you something more to build on.

Yesterday I spent the morning catching up on loss of sleep because some little buggies decided that staying up until half an hour before daddy gets up for work is a good idea.  So, we snoozed during the morning, and were able to spend the time with Aunt Cily Bug during the afternoon.  Lunch at the picnic table, and a bit of digging in the dirt after.  Well, Aunt Cily was digging, the buggies were playing, and Mama Bug tried to help but spent quite a bit of time sitting on her butt in the grass to compensate for the dizziness.

When we got home, I cleaned like a mad woman, fielded some important calls, made dinner, then went to bell practice at church.  By the time I got home, I knew it was going to be a rough night, but time with the hubby is important, so we kicked back and watched our show together.  After that, this mama was toast.

This morning, I’m paying for everything I did yesterday.  And lacking a bit in the ambition part.  But, the mombition is coming back, making all the other that much easier to fight.  When we feel like we lose a vital part of ourselves, it is hard to bring it back up close to what the normal was prior.  We just have to find the right way to regain it back.

What do you do to re-up your mombition?


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