What I’ve Been Up To

So, this past week or so, I’ve been mostly offline.  As many of you know, I haven’t been feeling well, so I have been following through with doctors appointments and the like.  However, finally, after a month of some very extreme pain, I’m starting to feel better.  And, this past week, I wanted to spread that feeling around again.

At church we have our missions that we give to support and help our local community.  I’ve been doing kind of the same at home.  For myself, I do enjoy helping others.  Sometimes I may not see the return right away.  But it really doesn’t matter in the end, if what I do or say makes even one person feel better, get healthier physically or mentally, or just plain improves life overall for that person.

So, the beginning of the week, after my husband helped a friend move to their new place, I was able to help put some things in place with his wife, whom is my friend.  I wasn’t muscle help what so ever, however, when you are buried in boxes and can’t even reach your kitchen to cook for your family, even the little bit I did was help.  Plus, I brought the coffee….right there is bonus enough.

Later, I was able to help my mother out, by preparing for her return home with her husband.  Again, it wasn’t much, but the ability to get off my couch to do just that little bit was tremendous to me.  Also, with the inability to do a full few hours of standing and cleaning, the fact that I could spend just short of that was wonderful in my eyes.

Yesterday, I helped a neighbor clean her floor, with my new carpet washer.  It wasn’t much, but just getting what I could off her floor will hopefully help her breathe better…literally.

I know, looking back, it really doesn’t seem like much in a week.  But, that tiny bit I did get to do took quite a bit out of me.  I’m not in the position to muscle though a day at home, let alone help others the way I’d like to.  However, God told me to get up and out of bed.  He told me to move….so I did.

How has God moved you, lately?


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