Starting Your Buggy Chore Chart

First, let me apologize.  It has been a very busy week, and sometimes life happens.  However, I am sorry for not having new posts this week for you to read.

So, I have covered how to find out what your buggies can do and like to do.  Now it is time to start putting this together.  But, before you start putting your time into a chore chart, it is a good idea to get the routines and chores down.

Any change, especially for busy buggies, takes time.  So, if you have been having your buggy help you do your chores to see what they can do, you’re already halfway there.  The next is to start writing out what you want them doing on a daily basis.  You may want to change it up for them so that they can learn different things.  That could also help you tie in learning the days of the week.

Here at the buggy house, we work on small daily chores.  Things they can work into their daily routine.  Although, through sickness and down time…and sometimes Daddy Bug taking over and not realizing what he let them get out of…it is still an adjustment period here.

Why Should Buggies Do Chores?

Well, learning to do chores, teaches them respect for themselves and others.  It also teaches respect of property of their own and others.  It gives them a sense of self-confidence and accomplishment.  Chores teach work ethic and responsibility.  But, they also make our buggies feel good when they can help their mommies.

What Do Buggy Chores Do For Mommies?

Of course there is the obvious, it takes a bit of burden off of our heavy loads.  However, it teaches us as well.  One of the biggest things we take from this is learning to let go.  We learn to let our children grow and learn.  We also learn patience.  Allowing our buggies to learn independence through their chores makes us have to take a step back and allow them to do it their way regardless of how much it might bug us that they didn’t get the right shirt in the right drawer.  If you’re wondering, yes, that is something I have had to learn to deal with.

Break Down The List.

I start by making a list of what my buggies can do, what they like to do, and what they already do.  Once I’ve got my list, I write out sticky notes for each area of the house.  Yes, it bothers my husband a bit, as he walks around the house seeing sticky notes, but he is used to it by now.  It is how I remember things, and how I begin to organize to try to keep the overwhelming feeling at bay.

Sticky Notes

If you are going through any depression, trying to introduce new things or new people, or are having other problems that have left you behind on everything (like me), then this can be very helpful process.  But you have to do something with it afterwards.

So, as I go through I write down what each buggy can do in each room, like their bedroom and bathroom.  It is important to keep things like brushing their teeth, hair, or other things that they should be doing in with their chores.  It becomes a part of the routine then.  Also, what may seem or look like a lot of chores becomes so much less when you work it into your daily routine.  For instance, bathroom chores, done in the morning while they get ready for school, or in the evening when they get ready for bed.  It makes it a more solid routine, teaches multi tasking, and saves on time.

Once you have your sticky notes, try it out for a few days.  See how things go.  Add things or take them away.  If you have a hard time getting them to follow through, don’t worry.  It doesn’t mean you need to have them do less, necessarily.  It may just take further encouragement.

Also, you will notice in the beginning, they LOOOOOVE doing chores.  Later on they may likely need a bit of encouragement.  But, then again, who doesn’t.  I need more encouragement to do dishes…although my encouragement is that if I don’t get them done I’ll have them stacked to the ceiling before I can blink my eyes.

Hang in there, and you will feel very accomplished soon.  You’ll start to notice that it is easier for you to find ambition and focus, when you need to teach your buggies just that.

Next week I’ll show you a couple different ways to encourage routines as, and later I will be back on chore charts as well as behavior.

If you have another way you like to organize your thoughts and chores before making your charts, leave me a comment below to share.


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