Mama Clothing Care

So, this week we’re hitting the dreaded closet section of Mommy Care.  However, just like with the makeup, this is going to have to be broken down a bit more from here.  Until then, I want to cover some basics.  Get you started with what you already have, and then we’ll go from there, with more of your input, of course.

So It Starts.

Who has gone to their closet and tossed out almost every piece of clothing they have, just to get ready for church, and still can’t find anything appropriate?  How about that date with Daddy Bug, and you want to look just right, but you feel that all you have is just wrong?

After an hour of looking through what I have and I’m still standing there half-naked and lost on a good fit for what I need, I often feel like this:pug-801826_1920Seriously, when all you have and you still feel so lost because you can’t seem to find something that doesn’t make you look too fat, too blessed, too blah, too young, too old….Oh the list just goes on and on.

And, let’s get this one straight, ladies, don’t tell someone they look great, and rip them apart behind their back.  It gets back to that person eventually, and we just really need to quit ripping each other apart.  Tell her to her face.  Not right in front of everyone, but nicely let her know, so she has the chance to fix it up a bit and feel comfortable.

So, what do we do when we feel like it is hopeless, and should just cover every ounce and hide inside?  First off, take a step back.  Breathe.  Realize, the only way you will look that entirely horrible, is if you feel that way.  When we feel that way, we could be covered in roses and diamonds, and still not look fierce and gorgeous.

So, how can I dress to look myself and not like a bakery on parade?

Let’s face it.  By this time, a lot of us feel like we have more rolls than a bakery, and we want to feel good about ourselves but society can be harsh and make you feel like you need liposuction ASAP!  Frankly, there are more curvaceous women out there than those runway models.

Also, big is beautiful.  You just have to find what is right for you.  Start with what goes underneath first.  You can’t present yourself well if you’re sporting the, “My cup has over floweth,”style, just as much as if you were sporting that uni-boob thing.  And, if our underwear gives us a muffin top, then we surely aren’t going to succeed when we put anything over the top of it.

Find yourself a shopping partner, and go out and get what fits your bottom and bosom.  It doesn’t have to be granny panties either.  When you choose your shopping partner be sure it is someone you trust and know that they love you enough to not allow you to walk out with worse than you went in with.  And, aside from finding the correct section to get your under things in, don’t worry about the size.  It’s a tag to help sort.  Not a label on you and who you are.

Next Up…

Now after you’ve found the proper support group, it’s time to go on to the next.  When you’re choosing things to make you look and feel good, we need to remember that the number on those jeans is as I said above.  A tag to sort not a label on your person.  Find something that fits.  And wearing fitting things is a wonderful way to start, so long as it is in your size.  If you have to do that trick our mother’s taught us, by laying on the bed and sucking it in to zip up those jeans, then go get a trash bag and toss it in to donate to someone else.  It’s not worth it, and it surely does not make you look thinner.  Actually, it does the opposite.

I’ve heard a lot about slimming down with darker colors, no prints, no stripes (especially horizontal), and no bright colors.  Well, some rules are meant to be broken.  I don’t mean go get cheetah pants and a zebra shirt.  I mean, adding in these little popping things can actually be the thing you need.  Not just to make you happy, but to show off that inner attitude that you have.  If you’re a hot pink and orange kind of mama, then do it.  If you’re a beige and sage, then rock that too.  Take pride of what is inside.  Don’t be afraid to show who you are through what you wear.

When I was a teenager, I got teased for wearing multi prints, or bright colors, or anything that was different.  And, get this, it’s all in fashion, on trend, and high fashion in today’s clothing life.  Burns my butt a bit, when I think I should have not listened to some of those people, and run off to designer school anyways.  Then maybe I could have been the one making those big bucks putting out the clothes I liked to wear.  Turns out that I found something better anyways, so when it bugs me, I just look up and see my three little buggies, and decide…nah, this was so what I was looking for and didn’t even know it.

Anyways, the point is to go with your gut.  If you like it, don’t be afraid of it.  Besides, when you’re talking about fashion, you want to accent your assets.  And, lets face it, one of the best assets you have is who you are inside.  So, if it’s you, then do it.

Top it off…

Top this look off with your accessories and makeup.  Last week we talked about wearing your makeup to fit you.  The same thing applies to accessories.  Now, if you’re going for the thinning look your gut is to wear something small.  Something not quiet so out there so it isn’t noticed.  This is just like wearing pants too small and thinking it will thin you down.

Besides, big jewelry is in.  So, toss on those big chunky hoop earrings you like so much, put on that necklace with the chunky bead at the focal point, and don’t forget your suitcase…I mean purse, when you go out. Besides, us mommies need something that will fit everything we need.  My kids are almost out of diaper bag phase, but they still need things.  If I’ve got a small purse, then I’m carrying multiple bags with me to accommodate.  So, get that giant bag out, and don’t be afraid if it’s loud.

I often carry larger purse that is bright in color and glammed out.  I don’t get the, “OMG, she seriously isn’t carrying that thing with her…ewww.”  Actually I get many questions on where I got it and where they can find one like it.

So, stop over thinking this stuff.  Wear what you have proudly.  And, if it still doesn’t quite fit what you were going for, we’ll get to that point in this section soon enough.dancing-919972_1280

Homework for you guys!!!

Leave me a comment, contact me privately, just let me know one way or the other.  Tell me what you’d like to hear.  Some examples would maybe be, how to hide an oversized chest or maybe how to enhance an undersized chest without surgery.  Maybe you’re short like me, so you want to go over options that make your legs look longer.  Whatever it is, I need your thoughts and opinions on this.  It’s a broad subject, so help me out and tell me what you think.


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