Pretty Little Nail Biter

Some children, just like adults, are nail biters.  For many different reasons.   And there are many things you could try to get them to stop.  However, a friend of mine came up with a unique way to get her buggy to stop.

A bit of back story:

Buggy Bug, (my friend’s bug) has bitten her nails for a while now.  Her mother has tried many things, however, when your bug chews down so far that it causes her fingers to split open, you’ve got to dig deep and find what works for this child.  And Buggy Bug has very recently bitten down so far on one finger, that her mommy couldn’t keep it from splitting farther and farther.

She had called me down to her place to take a look at it to see if I could do something to keep it sealed, because as well as nail-biting, Buggy Bug likes to dig through dirt with her fingers, to find bugs, worms, and the like.  Hence the name Buggy Bug.  So, a band-aid wouldn’t stay on, and it was starting to get infected because of all the dirt and what not in this split finger.

So, I went to her house with my trusty liquid skin, to take a look at this.  She had washed it out enough so that there was no infection and no dirt at all.  It looked fairly well, as far as open wounds are concerned.  So, I explained to her how to use it, and applied the liquid skin a few times to seal it.  I also explained that if there is any question at all, she needs to take her to the doctor.  And, if it starts getting infected, the liquid skin will have to come off.

The reason I love liquid skin is that it works like a band-aid, but it will also dissolve later.  Also, if it needs to come off quickly, it comes off easily with soaking then lifting it off.  I’ve had an experience, myself, with medical grade superglue and infection.  So, I purchased the liquid skin with myself and my equally clumsy husband in mind.  I’ve also used it on one of my little brothers as well as my own children.  So, if you intend on getting some, I think it is wonderful, read the directions.  Make sure that it is okay to use with little ones.  If there is a question you can ask your doctor and or your pharmacist.

Anyhow, back on track.  After I sealed Buggy Bug’s finger up, it finally started to heal.  It still led to the problem of her biting her nails all the way down.

What did Buggy Bug’s Mama Do?

Even though Buggy Bug is entirely a tom boy, she loved the idea of a manicure with mommy.  Her mommy cleaned up her nails, pushed back the cuticles, and put on fake nails.  It is her last resort to stop her daughter from biting her nails down to the skin.20160420_174716

My friend did this last night, and this morning the only problem she had, was a melt down about the loss of one of the new nails.  Buggy Bug, so far, is doing well with the not biting, and is currently enjoying her nails.  The only other suggestion Buggy’s Mama has, is to use the glue instead of just the sticky paper or part that is on the nail.20160420_175247

So, just another example of playing to learn something.  To Buggy, this was a game, like dress up with her mommy.  And something that will last. What kind of things have you tried to stop nail-biting?  Leave me a comment below to share your experiences.


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