Mommy Care Part 2

Hello mommies!  Hope you tried that face wash, and I hope it turned out wonderful for you.  So, quick recap.  We’ve covered waking up and being thankful, starting the day on the right foot.  We’ve covered eye-opening face wash, so what next?

Well, after we do all that many get dressed before we put on our makeup, however, I’m going to skip that part for the moment.  Instead we are going to talk about another expensive thing we like to do and why.

First…To Put On the War Paint or Not?

Lets take a look at why women put on makeup, for a moment.  It’s been referenced to me in the past by calling it war paint.  In that, meaning going out to find someone.  However, we’re mommies now, and even though some of us may not be with someone, finding your partner in crime is a bit

I’m married, so in that instance, it doesn’t apply to me.  But, if we use that same phrase under different terms, it does.  For myself, I put on the war paint, to battle depression, feeling insecure with my new mommy look, to hide the bags under my eyes from endless nights battling the sleep fighting monsters…or sometimes monsters, depending on which buggy you ask.

You may notice I did not say once that it was for my husband.  And it is no offense meant to him, however, in times like these where the mommy needs to take care of herself and learn to love herself.  She needs to decide if makeup is something that helps her feel better about herself.  Learning to love yourself, sometimes takes learning to love the outside first, before you can see all those gorgeous things on the inside.

I don’t mean in any way that a woman needs to wear makeup to look beautiful.  It’s a choice you have to make, and it has to be made at the understanding that it is a tool.  Meant to feel better about yourself.  No one else, but yourself.  At this point in our lives, we don’t need to impress anyone but ourselves.  Once you can do that, you can start looking deeper, where it really counts, to find the rest of the beauty that you are blinded to see.


Most of us who are depressed, or really feeling down, are blinded by a lack of self-esteem.  Therefore, you are not able to see all the good that is in you.  Also, I have always experienced and seen that you cannot love others to the fullest if you do not love yourself.  God blessed us with everything we are, and we need to remember that he made us all beautiful.  However, sometimes life makes us forget these things.

Back to makeup

Once you’ve made the decision to use makeup as a tool, you’ll need to take a look at what you have.  You also need to decide if what you have is enough.  Now, here is where many of us panic.  We look for what we need and it isn’t all there anymore.  Or, you find it and you see the buggies have destroyed some of your best arsenal, and you don’t have the money to replace it.  And, frankly, scraping it off the walls and floors to try to recover it just isn’t going to work.

So, now you may be in a bit of a panic mode.  You can’t use it if you don’t have it, and who wants to spend $10 on eyeliner?  I surely don’t.  Unless there is an allergy or another skin or eye reaction where you cannot use the cheaper things, there really isn’t a need to start off with the expensive things.

I’ve recently found that some of the cheaper brands, actually make the effect better and last longer.  Although it is not naturally made, and more than likely enhanced so well by chemicals, it isn’t much different from the rest of the things we put in or on our bodies, that are full of chemicals as well.  So, why start off so expensive?

All three of my buggies had gotten into my makeup numerous amounts of times.  I’ve actually walked into my bathroom, after cleaning all that up, and was not able to find my makeup because I couldn’t remember the new hiding spot I put it in.  Although, that is a story for another time as well.

Once found, I realized that my best red out stick and concealing stick were entirely unusable.  AND THOSE WERE SOOOO EXPENSIVE!!!  So, after a lot of trial and error, as well as a lot of talking to friends and family members, I’ve found a few places to get these things cheap.  Possibly indifferent forms, but cheap none the less.

I found an under eye concealer that works better for me than my expensive concealing stick.  It is in liquid form, in a tube that you twist to push up to the brush.  There aren’t any fingerprints or lines in it once it is put on.  Where did I find it?  I found it at the dollar tree.


You see all these commercials on T.V. that make you feel that buying the expensive things is better for your skin, easier to use, and just plain better all around.  That isn’t always the case though.  You can find the same types, with the same ingredients, at a lower price.  All we really have to do is look, and listen.

I like to match my makeup with whatever I’m wearing, especially if it is something special, like performing at church, going on a date with my husband (which happens oh so rarely lately), or watching my buggy’s school performance.  I like to keep a professional look that makes my eyes stand out, or something else that is naturally beautiful, to stand out and make a memorable appearance.  And, no, not my boobs.

For instance, I’ve had to meet with clients for a cake.  I like to look as professional as possible during the consult, so that my client can be comfortable in the fact, that I can create a cake that will not just satisfy their needs, but blow them away with ideas that they hadn’t thought of.

This can make my arsenal need much more, with colors and different shades of makeup to make the point I’d like to make.  Also, in doing this, it makes me feel beautiful, so I then glow with confidence in myself, which makes performing, meetings, and dates even more enjoyable because I feel much better about myself.  It also makes my husband cringe right at my side when I tell him Beanie found my makeup stash again, I need to replace….

Then the cringe is softened when I find it for $1 as opposed to the $10+ that makeups can cost us.  One of my favorite low-cost brands is L.A. Colors.  You can find these at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or even Family Dollar.  On those days I want to look bright and sunny, I can find the bright-colored eye shadow to make that point.  It stays on through the day, and withstands quite a bit, even me forgetting I have make up on and rubbing my eyes.  I may need to clean it up a bit, but most of it stays right in place.

What About You?

Have you found a few places that you can get what you need that works better for you and is much nicer on your pocket-book?  Leave me a comment.  Let’s share the knowledge, so others can find a great way to build their arsenal and feel better about themselves as well.  Leave me a comment below, to share your experiences as well.



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