A Bible Lesson From Beanie Bug

We are always teaching our children many things.  One of the things we teach our children, is about God.  Who he is, and what he is.  One thing we don’t realize often, is that we also learn from our children.  Sometimes it is about us, the world, or even our actions and words.  Other times it is about God.

So, today, Beanie Bug is sitting with me, and she is going to tell us some things about God.  The first thing she said was that we should pray ALL THE TIME.  And she is oh so right.  We should be stopping to thank God for what we have instead of whining about what we do not have, or how bad that we have it.  If we took the time to look at things through a child’s eyes.  We could see the world and God in such a different light.

Beanie says we should pray all the time, because it is good.  Because talking to God is good, and he can keep us safe.  She says God stays with us when we are good or bad.  God loves us no matter what.  She says that is why she likes God.

Children do not look at things through the adult tradition and fog.  They are very literal little people.  For example, I’m sure that you have heard this often.  If God lives in Heaven, why don’t we just go to visit him there.  That one can be difficult to teach in general, however, it is even more difficult if your little one has traveled with you to farther places than around your home town.

We have gone to Mexico, because we have family in Mexico.  So, Beanie bug used to think, that if we can hop on a plane and go to Mexico.  Then why can’t we hop on a plane to go to Heaven and see God.  Beanie says Mexico is close to heaven, so it should be easy to go to Heaven since we can get to Mexico.

Now, what mommy (or daddy) has tried to explain that one?  After a lot of explaining to Beanie that it is much farther than a plane ride, and no one has invented a way to come and go from Heaven like we can with Mexico.  Also, after her Grandmother in Mexico passed on, and went to Heaven, it was even harder to explain because she felt if Grandma went, then we should be able to go as well.  That way we could see her and visit with her.

It is important to guide our children spiritually, but often times we have no idea how to do it.  So, we will often hit the internet up for clues.  Pinterest is great for this as well.  And, of course, there is Sunday School and church itself.  But, if we just took the time to listen to their questions and answer them truthfully in a way they can understand, we will, often, learn even more about ourselves, God, and our children.

So, I’ll leave you with a few words from my memory wall:

Listen well…Pray often…Love always


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