Something Else

So, this past week has been something else.  However last weeks trip to the doctor led to a few things.  Even though it seems like another load added on to my already abnormal health, it is a blessing to me.  We actually know what is going on with this part.  And it seems it is fairly easy to fix.

Allergy medicine, sinus relief, and a dentist…Well, it’s mostly easy.  A dentist, when your insurance only covers basics and one x-ray when you don’t qualify for the low-income and still can’t afford what you need.  What a pain in the A@#!!!

In the mean time, I’m still trying to learn limits while healing from this hat-trick bought of illness.  And, slowly but surely I’m making progress.  AND, I’m finally starting to be able to get out of the house more!!!  Who would have thought that I’d be praying to run some errands…well for someone to run me on some errands.

So, as I continue on this journey, I’m going to be able to provide more things for you all to read and catch up with.  I can’t wait to share it with you all!


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