Poetic Healing

I’ve covered a lot in depression writing, but I haven’t given you a personal snippet of my writing.  Well, today I’m changing that.  I am writing a poem that is a story.  It is a two-part journey, and today I’ll give you part one of that journey.  This is a new poem on an old experience that is part of what made me who I am today.  So, this is fresh closure on my part.

I hope it is alright, I’ve never put myself out there this much, but this experience impacted my life tremendously.  It was scary, but it caused me to choose a better path, when I felt like I had no control of the path I was on or about to take.  In this poem I hope to teach you that it doesn’t matter how it is set.  It doesn’t have to be a song, doesn’t have to rhyme.  It doesn’t have to follow what we are taught that a poem is.  Just write from the heart, and pour the hurt on the paper.  You’ll be surprised how much you still hold on to old wounds.  However, you feel better for having done it.woman-73403_1920

Devil’s Path

  • I left a life
  • of loss and pain
  • Thought nothing was left
  • I could only gain
  • When we met
  • He was oh so fun
  • Made me feel it was me
  • The center, the sun
  • He paid all the bills
  • Made sure I was fed
  • I was THE ONE
  • That’s what he said
  • He wanted me gorgeous
  • The trophy fun girl
  • He gave me his car
  • He made me his world
  • Then it started
  • A slap here and there
  • Said it’s my fault
  • I should have done my hair
  • Each time I wanted
  • Just to relax
  • Put on tennis or slippers
  • Just sit and kick back
  • I wasn’t allowed
  • Until dinner was done
  • The party and dance
  • And have all the fun
  • Each thing that he drank
  • And each Ice Show
  • I had to keep up
  • And let no one know
  • So late to bed
  • So early I must rise
  • Cover the bruises
  • Put on my disguise
  • My work was my safety
  • My release from him
  • Until his ultimatum
  • More life he did skim
  • Nothing was left
  • Though no one would know
  • I was painted and pampered
  • To keep up the show
  • The parties were longer
  • The fun now on the go
  • I could not falter
  • Or let anything slow
  • The one day I asked
  • I never should have spoken
  • Driving down the road
  • Hard fist, Is my nose broken?
  • Finally back home
  • No where to hide
  • My choice was to fight
  • Or surely I’d die
  • I barely made through
  • All he had done
  • Shear fear and terror
  • Then the blackness begun
  • I was surprised
  • To wake with the sun
  • My choice was to leave
  • Or keep with the fun
  • I told him he would
  • Hurt me some more
  • But I chose to stay,
  • Not walk out the door
  • The slapping and pushing
  • Got oh so fierce
  • He made one mistake
  • For my will to pierce
  • I had other friends
  • Though they were his
  • They did not like
  • My bruises, his fist
  • So finally I made
  • The decision one night
  • He wanted to yell,
  • To holler, to fight
  • One word from his friend
  • Now bonded to me
  • He left, yes, pissed off
  • But now I was free
  • I ended my fight
  • With my ally at my side
  • I thought it had ended
  • My truth, in a lie…

To Be continued…



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