Toy Storage

There have been MANY ideas on how to store toys for the buggies.  Especially my buggies.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Playroom
  • Toy box
  • Large totes to rotate daily
  • Smaller totes to rotate as wanted
  • Toy rotation daily, weekly, and monthly.

I’ve tried all of these things, and what normally ends up happening is this:


Or this:



And then what happens is the totes and containers are actually used as toys, hiding spots, forts, whatever they can imagine.  Also, my buggies will play with each and every toy that is out.  They actually make it a habit to dump out the entire toy box every time.  What happened in the above pictures is they had figured out how to unlock the closet I stored the toys in, and had a hay day.

I have a big rule of thumb around my buggies.  If it is quiet, I better run.  Reason is if they are quiet they are either sleeping or scheming, and unless I put them to bed they are most likely scheming.

So, I tried the, “you’re going to pick it up,” thing.  However, it was such an overwhelming mess mama had to help.  I am still sorting out toys…

However, the other day I was flipping through Pinterest and I happened across a great little play bag for Legos, where when you undid the tie it flattened out into a round rug that buggies can play their Legos on, and when they are done…pull the string with the Legos in the middle and NO MORE MESS!!!

I decided that was one of the most awesome concepts ever.  Why hadn’t I thought of it, right?  But there was a few tweaks I wanted to make to it.  First, I wanted to make it for a different set of toys.  I wanted to use it for Barbies.

Also, since a large Barbie house takes up too much space, and doesn’t seem as fun as a flat lay out for the bugs, I figured a nice flat layout for a Barbie house would be the best route.

The other thing I wanted to test, was to make it a no sew project.  One thing I’ve run into in the past is that many people do not have access to a sewing machine.  And if they do, a lot of them do not know how to use one and find it intimidating to try.  So, this was my practice run at new toy storage, with a theme, that is no sew:


As you can see it is a large circle mat that leaves plenty of room for a few buggies to play.  The green is the yard area, and there are separate house rooms illustrated by the different color and pattern of the squares.  It leaves it entirely up to their imagination on how they want to use it, but a bit more fun than just a circle mat on the floor.

I used a mixture of heat tape and hot glue.  I realized, after using the heat tape to fasten the rooms down, that using hot glue was easier, faster, and much less hassle.

After I took the whole day to glue this puppy together, I decided that for myself I will be using my sewing machine for further models of toy storage like this.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my hot glue gun, but I like my fingers too.  Also, I’m faster on my machine than it is to deal with keeping things lined up to glue together.

In the next couple of weeks I’m going to show more toy storage ideas like this, and fill you in on how my buggies do with it.  So far, they absolutely love their Barbie mat.  They want me to make more for their other toys.

Do you have some unique toy ideas?  Leave me a comment below to share.



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