Why Start a Blog?

Why did start my blog?

I live in a small town, and mommy groups are slim to none.  Closer to the none category.  So, I chose to make my own mommy group online.  I wanted to connect mothers that have a difficult time themselves and feel alone due to how their children may act.

I do not have any degrees.  All I have is the life that I live, and what I’ve been through in the past.  I DO talk about God, because he is a part of my life, and my life only got better when I accepted Jesus into my heart.  And I am proud to share my views on this end.


In the past I’ve always felt pulled to help people.  I am the one that my friends came to, even in school, about their problems.  And I’m definitely not talking about boy problems.

As an adult, I’ve helped friends make choices, and to step away from bad situations.  I’ve even helped some settle back into life, while they are holding fear that their ex is going to come back to haunt them.  I’ve used my experiences to explain possibilities, and even gone as far as driving friends to a counselor.  Looking for the correct place for them to get the help that they need.

I’ve said before, there are depressing situations that can keep us down often.  I’ve actually been there myself.  I’ve had counselors tell me they didn’t know what else to say to me because I told them exactly what they would say.  But, sometimes it isn’t enough.  Sometimes we need to know someone who has actually experienced it.  It’s the empathy in the situation that makes it easier to accept that you are not alone.

Since I’ve had children.

Since I’ve had children, I’ve been asked loads about how I do this or that.  And the actual inspiration to write this blog specifically came from a friend of mine.  It started back when her baby was about 6 months old.  The snow finally slowed and was mostly gone before my friend started coming to see me again.  We live very close, but in cold and snow, It’s difficult for me to get places, so I hole up at home.

So, she finally was able to make it and bring me to see that sweet little bug.  But my friend looked a mess.  Bags under her eyes, and fully stressed to the max.  121HI asked her what was wrong, and she explained in full detail to me.  She couldn’t set the baby down to even take a shower.  No one can hold her except herself.  She would only sleep for small increments, and it had to be right on her mommy’s shoulder and neck.

My friend actually started the research on her own, so after she finished explaining she told me that her buggy was a high maintenance baby.  However, she only had basics about it.  So she showed me the site she looked at, Dr. Sears High Maintenance baby.  (They’ve got great information.)

I started that night by telling he she needed some help, and we went over some options of how to do just that.  She went home so she could try to get a bit of sleep.  But, I couldn’t sleep that night.  Instead I spent the night researching it, and matching my children to the same thing.  Understanding at that moment that was why I could rarely get a baby sitter.  Why family and friends would only take my oldest and one of the other two or just my oldest.

The thing was that I had felt stuck, myself.  And now, one of my closest friends was going through the same thing.  No one would help her, because her buggy would cry all the time.  So, as I helped her work through this, I did the best that I could to help.  We had started a once a week for three hours at a time to help socialize her baby.

Between life happening, and the last time I watched the baby she tried to vault out of my arms.  We had to stop the set up.  However, by this time, that cute little buggy started letting daddy hold her.  But, through this time, I allowed myself to get closer to my friend as well as a few others.  And when I spoke to my friends, we’d talk about different parenting techniques.  Which ones we thought were wrong, which ones we thought worked, as well as techniques we thought would work for others, but not for our children.

What does that have to do with my blog?

Well, all these experiences and a lot of prayer, told me that I needed to use this to help others.  And if I could help just one, then I’ve made the world just a bit better.  If I could just figure out how to reach out to those mommies like me, then I could help a lot of people, and start building a large community so we all could help each other.

But how could I tie children and adult life experiences together?  I haven’t met many people who are mothers in my current situation that have gone through what I have.  In fact, most people I know that have been in the same shoes as I am still feel stuck in that spot.  So, how do you reach those people?

How many times a day do we google something?  If you can google it, you can connect to it.  So a blog fit the how.  I just had to put the why together and start sending it out to everyone.

My goal is to help as many as I can.  And my start is here.  Just to make a tiny difference.  Because most times it is the small things that make someone’s life.  The smile that changed the outlook on some one that had hit that rocky bottom.  And the hello that made them want to get up and climb to the top.

Have you ever hit rock bottom and felt alone?  Tell me about it.  If you don’t feel comfortable commenting below, and would like to tell me privately, then send me a message.


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