After Holiday Recovery

After the holidays I normally have quite a clean up to consider.  Now mix that in with the inability to bounce back like I used to.  What do you have?  A never-ending mess that is so unorganized you just don’t want to even attempt to conquer it.

So…What to do?

Much like when you are trying to add new healthy life changes, mixing in holiday clean up with spring clean up is ideal, but intimidating.  You want to add in one thing at a time.  Or in the cleaning end of it, you may want to conquer one room at a time.  Maybe even break that down into sections.

After holidays, and during spring cleaning, I like to go through all of my cupboards.  See what I need and what I don’t need.  As well as see what got shoved back into never-never land.  And, while I do this, I can add in my new version of my inventory list.

My biggest thing I do after holidays is reorganize.  Normally my cupboards have been so disrupted because somebody needed something, and I may or may not have been the one to get it.  That little treasure hunt disrupts the majority of my kitchen.  And, if grandpa bug helps do the dishes afterwards (which he always does, bless his heart), there is often things put where I wouldn’t normally put them.  I won’t say anything, because it truly is the thought that counts.

Again, the list, but this time I empty out the ENTIRE cabinet.  This allows me to move things around as well as clean the actual cabinet.  Then, as I put them back in, I write them on my list, and keep it with the cupboard I was working on.

During this time, I am getting an idea of my daily and holiday staples I am using, and I can make it a more user-friendly way, by putting things where they may work better for myself.  Things I use more often go in an easy to reach and front position to my cabinets so I can grab them at a faster pace.

I normally have my flour, sugar, and other baking items up front because I do a lot of baking.  My gum paste, food color, and fondant go in a higher cupboard, or farther back in the baking cupboard, as I do not use them as much.  With this system I also know that my flour and sugar are my staple items.  I am normally picking those items up in a grocery run.  Therefore, I can also create a shopping list that I need to have, and keep them in groups that makes it easier at the store.

Any way you do it, is going to be a good way, so long as it works for you.  And trying different ways, until you find the perfect sweet spot is a great way to do it.  What are your after holiday, spring cleaning, or organization routines you use in your kitchen?cabinet-334128_1920


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