Slowing it Down

This week I’ve been slowing things down.  Here comes a holiday, and I feel a bit worthless…or I did at first.  But, I think this is the first week prior to Easter I have REALLY enjoyed…or gotten to enjoy, not sure, in years.  Why is that…well, I’ve had no choice, but to slow down.

I finally have it through my head that I have got to slow down, or I’m going to force myself into another seizure.  Which, I really don’t want to scar my children with another.  Not to mention, they’re horrible.  And I really don’t like the aftermath of loosing so much memory and everything else that goes with it.

Other family members have had to slow things down due to health as well.  Some it is their schedule.  Or some just want to spend it with their close family.  And, do you know what?  It’s great!easter-1237591_1920

Yes, I miss my family, and would love to have the whole big gathering.  But, what happens is that I (along with a select few) will be expected to do the majority of the before, during, and after work.  But, this year that wouldn’t be true.  Everyone would be so busy telling me to sit down, all worried about me.  Which will bug me so much that I’ll go off somewhere where no one can see me help, or try to sneak it in elsewhere.  Then the next week or so, I’ll be recovering.  Meanwhile, someone will have gotten sick from someone else at the family party…and so has been the past few holidays for us.

So, yeah,  today I’m going to bake with the buggies, and color Easter eggs.  Then we’ll go hunt eggs at the church and come home and NOT stress about getting this that and the other thing done before tomorrow.   We will laugh and giggle and probably eat more junk than we all need to.

Tomorrow, we’ll go to church.  Look cute in our new dresses (or the buggies will.)  Then we’ll come home and eat whatever we decide and continue with a happy family together day.

What are YOU going to do this weekend?cooking-1271605_1920


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