In the Spirit

In the spirit of holidays and everything I’ve been talking about this week, I’m going to keep it up here as well.

So far we’ve talked about writing to get you out of depression or a funk.  One of the many ways I’ve suggested was to keep a journal or a diary.  There are so many types of journals out there, so what type should you try?female-865110_1920

All of them…

Seriously, though.  Trying all types is the best way you will find your perfect one.  And who knows, you may end up wanting to keep many styles for different reasons.  One of the big things you should keep a list of right now, is your to do lists.  Watch what you’re doing this week through lists, by writing the lists in your journal.  Throughout the day, cross off what you’ve gotten done.


By keeping a list in your journal, you’re less likely to throw it away, and I want you to keep it to see how things change, and what this week does to your funk (that’s what we’ll call it for now.)  For me, or anyone else with similar issues, my health as well.  How do you feel, before, during, and after.

Keep doing this throughout the holidays this summer.  All the trips, all the birthdays.  Watch who does what and who follows through helping.  A few weeks after each event, look back at the list.  Then, write down what you feel and think about how it went.  Did you get enough help?  Did you spend all the money?  Was it a large, extravagant event?  Who decorated?  Did you make all the decorations by hand?

If you’re answering yes to the majority of these questions, then no doubt about it you are doing WAY too much.  And the stress to get everything done and perfect will add to your funk or any health, marital issues, or anything else that may not quite be right in your life.

These are supposed to be family events.  And surely it isn’t a wedding or anything like it.  So, again, why do we do this to ourselves?


Two things, today.  Start that journal, for one.  And second, can you give me an example of a journal type?  Lets see if you can find any I haven’t found yet…


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