Oh Mommy

Another holiday rolls around, and off we go on this holiday tangent.  Our children can’t quite understand what mommy is so stressed out about, because it’s the Easter Bunny who does all the work in their eyes.  However, as mothers we know that it isn’t just the Easter Bunny’s journey that has to be done.

Volunteering at your church or a local group, or even just doing it at home.  You have the Easter egg hunts.  You have a house to clean, kids to take care of, daily meals to be planned and cooked.  You have the holiday dinner to plan and cook for, people to invite, and sometimes work to divide up.  Then there are the things you need to cover because there is always one person that forgets or doesn’t follow through.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

The whole idea of Easter has been lost, and is now the spring time Christmas.  Seriously, since when did we need Easter trees and spend hundreds of dollars just on one Easter basket alone?  Now a days, even adults get, not just baskets.  But cars, appliances, or other fun new toys for our homes and such.  I’ve done it myself.  Daddy bug normally gets an Easter basket and as much else that I can do so that he can enjoy the experience.easter-1237591_1920

Each year gets more expensive.  We set new traditions of money spending.  Our children get older, so the toys grow more expensive.  And each limit we make this year, we have to break next year.  We compete with each other and ourselves, then what?  New credit cards are opened.  More money for rent to own places, as we continue to spend beyond our means.

And all for what?

I wonder how many people really know where the holiday came from.  Is there any religious reasoning behind it?  I mean yeah, everyone has to go to church that day.  And if you even listen to the sermon instead of investigating the ceiling, you might even catch some reasoning behind it.  But who takes that home with them to their family dinner anymore?

And what are we teaching our children in all this?  A bunny brings you eggs, candy, and toys in a basket.  Almost any child you know, if asked who the Easter Bunny is, she’ll know.  But what if you asked them who Jesus is?  Would they know?  Would they know that he means more to Easter than an egg laying bunny?

This past Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was going about the normal holiday stress.  And this is when my medical issues were really starting to flare, after I’d been diagnosed through the ER as having vertigo.  (That’s not what it is, I’ve found out fairly recently.)  And on one very exhausting day, Beanie Bug said, “Oh mommy…I miss you so much!  And I love you.”

It doesn’t seem like much, but when you are a stay at home mother who gets to spend all your busy and spare time with your children…you know you’ve been busy when those children that you are always with tell you that they miss you.


I really am going to say this as out right advice.  From one mother to the next.  Everything we do IS GOOD ENOUGH!  We shouldn’t have to make things so extravagant to feel like we matter.  Because we really already do.  And if you insist that these holiday gatherings are necessary, which family is important, so I understand.  Stop trying to do it all by yourself.  Make it a REAL family affair.  Otherwise instead of hearing how grandma got run over by a reindeer during Christmas, we’re going to start hearing about how Mommy had a coronary making pie.cooking-1271605_1920

So, as you troll down the toy isles, and flower, food, or other holiday prep isles at the store.  Ask yourself, is this really what it is all about?

What are your thoughts on holiday slavery?


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