Incorporate Lean N Play

Perhaps many of you are trying to figure out how to fit these learning activities into your busy schedule.  Between cleaning, cooking, appointments, and errands.  Then add in that some of us work on top of all of that.  Some are single parents, trying to do it all.  And maybe you aren’t sure how you can fit a learn and play atmosphere into your schedule.

The fact is that, we all can incorporate learn and play into our daily lives, just by having your children help you with your daily activities and chores.  In the car, or at home, can all be turned into a game and a learning environment.

But How?

Some of the basic things we do every day, from going down or up steps, opening a door, reading signs or other posts.  These are all opportunities for your child to learn.  We have numbers, colors, shapes, letters….all of it, all around us.  Noticing in the morning that the sky is blue and does not have clouds lets you know that you may not need to bundle up.  (Unless you live in Michigan, then you’re pretty much always prepared for all four seasons in one day.)

The things we know are there, but don’t normally notice…these are all things that we can do with our children that won’t really hurt your schedule.  Bonus fact…doing these things may actually keep your children’s attention and give you another way to work through some of the more difficult things with busy children.cooks-842244_1920

I love to decorate cakes.  I mean actually turn the cake and frosting into almost a clay to mold and shape it into what I’d like to make.  Sometimes literally.  I use all these mediums that I make my cakes with, and let my children play with them.  Molding chocolate is a wonderful medium to cover a cake, that tastes (in my honest opinion) SOOOOO much better than fondant.  I can color it into many different colors.  I can also let my children help me make and kneed the color into the chocolate.  By doing so, they learn texture, a bit of science when I melt the chocolate, and add in the corn syrup to create the clay.  They learn patience, as we all sit and wait for it to be ready to be used.  We learn colors and color addition, when we add colors, between your basic primaries and what it does when you add black or white to a color.  Plus, for my mouth explorers, I don’t have to worry anything toxic.  Well, maybe a sugar high if I don’t watch very closely how much they eat.

The point is that, I can make a beautiful cake, and still teach my children many different things.  And I’m still finishing a product to take to church or to a wedding, family gathering, or other party.  And that is just for the decoration part.

Out on the road, we can ask them to find us colors, letters, or numbers that they see out the window.  And, when they are busy looking for things, you will notice, the drive tends to be a bit more calm.  It is for me, at least.  If they’re busy looking for things, or singing a song, they’re not fighting or expressing their emotions at the top of their lungs.

When you need a certain number of things, either at the store or at home, it is always a great way to practice counting.  Reading instructions and pointing out words that your children are learning about is a great way to introduce them to new words as well.  Identifying the different sizes of spoons, ladles, measuring cups, or bowls.  Sorting the liquids from the solids.  We all use these different things every day, but it is so ingrained into us that we know what to look for.  Half the time we don’t stop to think that we CAN use these things to

What about professions?

How do you teach your children about the different professions?  I have had this question myself.  Belly Bug has recently developed a fear of the doctor because she is terrified of shots and medicine.  So, being a stay at home mother, when I have an appointment they normally go with me.  My doctor actually gave me an opportunity to show my buggies, that sometimes we all have to get shots, and they do help us.  Even if they hurt for the time being.  And, although I get the full once over from the bugs to be sure that I am alright, it still makes those visits for them a bit easier.  Then, at home, they often try to doctor us, themselves, and each other with their doctor toys.

So, there are many things we can do to incorporate their learning in our lives.  Sometimes it may slow us down or make us feel silly at first.  But, you will see that it does help with a lot of things.  And the thing buggies want more of is us.  So they feel special when they get to do them.

What kind of learn and play things do you incorporate into your routine for your buggies?  Leave me a comment below to tell me.


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