Break It Down, Now

Break it down now…

Often people want to know how I am able to use fantasy writing or any kind of novel-writing really, as depression writing or writing therapy.  Simply put, I work out a problem through my character or characters.

I’ve been known to over analyze my life, problems, just everything.  I can’t quite describe it, if you come to me with a problem, I can analyze it just enough so that you get the advice that you need.  However, if it is my problem, I over analyze it, making it difficult to take my own advice.

So I put it in story form, and then I’m no longer giving myself advice.  I am guiding a different person through a different life.  And I throw my own problems in as if they were this new person’s problems.  But how do I get to this point?  I don’t just sit down one day and decide I’m going to make this character because this problem is driving me nuts.  (Not always at least).  However, we will start with a problem in your life, that you are looking to solve.qualities-795865_1920

Start Here

So, to start you need to decide what kind of character you’re writing.  Is it male or female.  Also, is this a child, adolescent, young adult, adult, or elderly.  You don’t want to fully flesh out your character yet, but you want to have an idea.  And you may want to change it later.

Now we add the problem.  What is the problem?  How is the character handling it currently?  What other problems arise from how the character is handling it?  What big thing does this lead up to for the character?  What makes the character want to change this?

Now we go back and flesh out the character a bit more.  Note their personality type, how they normally handle any regular problem.  You can even go into the physical description.  You want to make this character into a believable (of unbelievable) person.  Someone you can easily visualize so that it is easier to take them through the problem so they can resolve it.

Wrap It Up

Now, you will want to wrap it up.  Here is where you may want to flesh out some main supporting characters, if there are any.  Make notes of how this may or may not help your main character.

Focus on the change.  What made this person change how they wanted to deal with this problem.  What was the rock bottom…the last straw…  And how do they approach changing the path that they were on to one that is less destructive or more helpful.  Maybe it was a person.  Maybe it was an end result of the prior behavior.  Maybe God spoke to them, or sent an angel.  This is where you decide where the story is going, and you take it back down from the climax to the end result.

What happened on the way down from the climax.  Did the character just change their path, and that was it?  Or did they fix what was done from the path before.  Did they find the answers they were looking for?

And the BIG one…how does it end.  Is it a happy ending?  Is it an open ending, leading to possible other things in the future?  Is it a sad ending?

Once everything is noted

Once it is all noted, you may realize some questions are still unanswered and that is alright.  Sometimes you have to write to find the answer.  So, now you find a comfortable place to concentrate, and write.  That’s all…Just write.

Writing can be intimidating.  We’re told all about structure in school, and it is exaggerated often just to explain to us how we should do it.  But in all actuality, writing doesn’t necessarily have set rules.  The only real set rule is to either have a computer, a voice recorder of some type, or pen/pencil and paper…then you just write.

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

So, let’s make it a bit more simple, as we know sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

  • Who are you writing about?
  • What is the problem?
  • How is the character handling it currently?
  • What other problems arise from how the character is handling it?
  • What big thing does this lead up to for the character?
  • What makes the character want to change this?
  • Are there any other main supporting characters?
  • How does this help or hurt your character?
  • What brought it all to the climax?
  • What was the change to bring it all back down to a normal level?
  • Wrap it all up…
  • NOW WRITE!!!

Please remember, these are just helpers to get you moving.  You may not need it, though some people do.  Give it a try, and see what you come up with.  The end result of the writing is to make you feel better.  To get out some of the things we can or cannot deal with in our lives.  It may or may not solve your problem.  But in all actuality, it isn’t necessarily meant to.  It is meant to help you get through.

This may likely be an open-ended story.  Because you are an open-ended story.  It means you can continue, or you can leave it as is.

Also, please remember, this isn’t really for anyone else but you.  You are the only audience that matters here.  It doesn’t mean write this and go straight to a publisher.  This is to help you.  Later if you think you have something, then, sure, go for it.  But this was never meant to be anything but something to help us through depression and pain.

With all that said, write out those feelings.  Leave me a comment below to tell me how it worked for you. You can even send me a copy if you’d like.  If you’re stuck, feel free to ask for help either in a comment for the community to help answer, or privately to me, and I can help you through.

On that note…Today’s assignment is…



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