What About Mommy

This week I just want to take a second to answer one question I am sure is on your mind right now.  And I’m sure that question is, “Well, what about the mommy?”

The thing is, as much as we need to make sure we have focus to continue on through our day, and we actually have a million things to get done.  Our lives are not strictly cleaning and organizing all the time (Unless of course that is what you enjoy).

So the even bigger question, is when you are supposed to fit in some actual mommy time.  And Morning “Me” Time is just not quite cutting it.  A_cup_of_coffee_(390063722)

I personally have two main times that I have mommy time.  That is nap time, although I also use that time to catch up on things I can’t do while the bugs are awake.  I sometimes use this for major cooking that I want to do that may cause a problem with them awake due to the possibility of getting burnt. Mostly frying things, or may major sugar work for my cakes.  Which I am almost ready to start practicing with again, YAY!!!

The second time is after they have gone to bed at night.  Before all this stuff started with me, sleeping was a rare gift I had gotten the chance to enjoy.  And even when I did, I rarely an hour or two straight because of the pain, and sometimes the kids.  Now a days it’s almost like the opposite, I go and flop on the bed, then I’m dead to the world, and you could literally jump on me and I wouldn’t wake up right away if at all (That’s on my new symptoms list, btw).

Anyhow, since all that has started it is a bit more difficult for the garden tub oatmeal, chamomile, chocolate milk bath.  So, this is where you get creative.  Turn your adult time to something that you CAN do while the kids are around.  Right now, I make my crafts and the bugs are close by, if not actually helping.  Or thinking that they’re helping.  On one project where I was drawing and coloring in a large piece, Beanie Bug actually sat near by drawing almost exactly what I drew.

Another thing we need to do, is get our back up or life saver list set up.  I have a couple of people that can help me with that on a day-to-day.  Mostly that’s weekday to weekend.  The buggies have an aunt and uncle close by that they like to go spend the night on the weekends.  And then there is Daddy Bug, who has been a real life saver through all of this, and lets me go sit in the tub for an hour or two during the evening after he gets home, no matter how tired he is.

What it really comes down to, is making that time.  And we need and deserve it.  I’ve been told (often lately), how do you intend on taking care of someone else, if you don’t do it for yourself?  That’s a big one these days, actually.  But everyone that says that to me is exactly right.  Not to mention it is often said with a giant grin, because I’m normally the one to say that to them.

So, today’s homework is to make that back up list.  Add your time into the schedule.  Remember, a good book, nice cup of chamomile tea, and a nice bubble bath works wonders.  Chamomile and lavender are great calming agents as well as help with pain and other things.  Think of some good tub time recipes, and I’ll share mine.  And maybe later compile a top ten to see what you think.320px-Bubble_bath_fun

And if you are wondering, yes, bath and bathroom stuffs are another hobby of mine.  So, rest and relax, and let me know where you fit that time in, below in a comment.


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