Kick the Diaper

Kick the Diaper

There are many ways to use learn and play.  Currently Do Bug has decided that diapers are better than big girls(That’s what we call underwear here).  She was almost fully potty trained and then got sick.  But the sick came from the bottom end, so trying to teach her to get to the bathroom was just not working, so during those times she wore the diaper again.  I still encouraged her to use the potty during these times, but she has now decided that it is so much better to have the diaper, because then mommy or daddy will clean her, and she doesn’t have to worry about interrupting her busy play time.

So, I went back to square one with her.  However, not everyone was on board.  Meaning more that I was the only one on board with the plan.  Daddy Bug likes the diaper too, that way if she has an accident he doesn’t have to worry about the wet spot on the floor, or the smell that it might leave later if you don’t get it all out the first time. And, of course, Do Bug was on board with daddy, who wants to interrupt play time to go potty, right?

Learn and Play Potty Time

We love to read books here, and back when Beanie Bug was potty training, we had regression with her as well.  Since the new baby was wearing a diaper, why couldn’t she.  So, we found this wonderful book about using the potty. “Es Hora De Ir Al Bano, It’s Potty Time,” Is a wonderful book that is exciting for them.  It even has a button that you can push to hear the flushing sound.


So, we started with that.  We do everything we can to encourage, but she is just like her mommy…STUBBORN!!!  Now, with the other two at that age they could have cared less about stickers, and having a sticker chart was absurd to them.  But Do Bug is obsessed with stickers, so a sticker chart for her is great, so long as she gets a sticker to go with, every time you put one on the chart.

I’ve tried this before, which is how I know the other two didn’t go for stickers, so I already had a game plan in mind.  First, I had to conquer the only one on board thing.  So, after a quick talk, I got Daddy Bug back with it.  Then I had to draw out the chart.


Once together, it is a matter of sticking with it, (no pun intended).  Every time she uses the potty, she gets a sticker for that.  And each step she does after that:  Wiping her bottom, flushing the toilet, and washing her hands.  Once she is finished, I make sure she gets a sticker for each thing she did, then an extra one she can stick to her arm, face, or wherever, and it’s back to play as usual.

I also have a spot where I can record how many accidents she is having a day.  It is helpful to see how the progress is going.  And if she doesn’t have an accident…well…BONUS STICKER!!!!  Then she’s off to the races again.

Potty training can be difficult for the busy child, and especially for the parent.  Each child is different.  Therefore there are many techniques to use.  Not all of them will work.  And sometimes we get so frustrated we run out of ideas.  But fear not, for we can always look it up, or make a great list of ideas here!

What about you, How did you potty train your buggy?  Leave a comment below to let me know some of your tricks and secret weapons.



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