Inventory List

Last week I talked about making life easier by making a breakfast snack for those on the go mornings.  Or just for the mornings for those light early eaters.  We have been using those little fro-yo cakes on and off throughout the week, and the buggies love them.  Did you try the recipe?  How did it go over in your home?


Then, last week I asked you all to do an inventory of the food items that you had in your refrigerator, freezer, and cupboard.  Did you make your list?  Maybe you noticed that while you are making an inventory list that cleaning goes with it?  Or at least organizing.  You may have even found some hidden gems stuck way in the back and forgotten.

When you’re making your list, you may even want to break it down and do one section a day.  And I’m wondering how many thought about the spices you have.  I personally have a cupboard dedicated solely to herbs and spices for cooking and baking, and teas, and such.  So, for myself, that is a day all in itself.  And the more I am doing cooking from scratch, the more I have to organize into groups.

Although, since I’ve had these odd seizures have come about, the things that have been cooked in this house are either quick and out of a box or minimal and mostly meat, since it has been my husband doing a lot of cooking.  It also means my cupboards are a bit messy, or at least not in the order I prefer.  (Not to worry, I haven’t said a thing to him, because he has been a trooper in all of this.)

This brings me to the point of breaking things down into sections.  For myself here, it is the refrigerator and freezer,  my cupboards, spice cupboards, and my chest freezer outside.  And, by separating these, we will not overwhelm ourselves.  It also gives you an idea of how you are shopping.  Are we shopping hungrily?  That is such a bad idea, because then you get whatever your stomach tells you.  Some of us cannot shop with our partners or children because the cart is filled with things that aren’t necessities.syndicate-1207270_1280

Making a shopping list is probably the best way to shop, so long as you stick to it.  But what happens if you are like me, and no matter how much you think you’ve included everything, you haven’t.  Then you’re going through the store grabbing things you think you need, coming home and realizing that that may or may not have been the case.

By taking an inventory we can keep track of what we need, and if we have something for a specific recipe that we may want to try for special occasion or otherwise.

For instance, I currently have a lot of chicken in my refrigerator.  It is a 10Lbs bag of chicken that I will sort out into bags to freeze and use later.  In my freezer I also have more chicken, as well as pork and beef of different styles and cuts.  I know currently, with what I have in the freezer alone, I can plan 13 family meals.

But how do you plan that through?

I have 13 family sized portions of meat in the freezer, 10 bags of frozen veggies, and I have pasta, rice, and potatoes in my cupboards, as well as tomatoes and onions in my refrigerator.  with that alone, I can plan at least 2 weeks worth of dinners, without counting leftovers.  However, since I hate wasting food, I do at least one night where we eat leftovers, or have a fend for yourself night.  It gives me a night off of cooking (during normal circumstances), and helps me clean out the refrigerator.  Here is an example of what my dinner meal plan for a week would look like:

  • Monday Dinner – Baked Pork chops, and chicken flavored rice. (That’s what we ate tonight.  I purposely left out a vegetable or fruit because of some tummy issues one little buggy and one big buggy are having currently.  I kept it mild so that they can eat but not hurt their tummies.)
  • Tuesday Dinner – Fried breaded Milanese, corn with mayonnaise and parmesan, and Mexican rice.  Which also means that we are using at least 10-15 corn tortillas, and is a large dinner.
  • Wednesday Dinner – Sausage, egg, and cheese bagel, with hash brown on the side.
  • Thursday Dinner – Hamburgers, loaded mashed potatoes, and peas and carrots
  • Friday Dinner – Leftovers/fend for yourself
  • Saturday Dinner – Beef Steak tacos, Mexican fried rice, refried beans
  • Sunday Dinner – Baked chicken, Mexican Spaghetti

That still leaves lunch, breakfast, and snacks in between.

A lot of the time, I will make lunch for the buggies and eat left overs myself.  But, then again, we are major sandwich eaters.  This often means sliced tomatoes, lettuce, guacamole, onions, meat, cheese, and mayonnaise. Here is an example of the rest of my daily menus:

  • Monday –
    • Lunch – PB&J Sandwich and goldfish
    • Breakfast  – cereal
    • Breakfast snack – bagel
    • Afternoon snack – veggie straws
    • Bedtime Snack – animal crackers
  • Tuesday –
    • Lunch – Ham Sandwich and veggie straws
    • Breakfast  – cereal
    • Breakfast snack – little fro yo cake
    • Afternoon snack – animal crackers
    • Bedtime Snack – popcorn
  • Wednesday –
    • Lunch – Macaroni and cheese, blueberries
    • Breakfast – eggs and toast
    • Breakfast snack – cinnamon toast
    • Afternoon snack – cheese stick and fruit
    • Bedtime Snack – goldfish
  • Thursday –
    • Lunch – Ramen Noodles
    • Breakfast – Cereal
    • Breakfast Snack – cereal bar
    • Afternoon Snack – goldfish
    • Bedtime Snack – cheese stick and fruit
  • Friday –
      • Lunch – Turkey sandwich and fruit
      • Breakfast – cheesy scrambled eggs
      • Breakfast Snack – little fro yo cakes
      • Afternoon Snack – animal crackers
      • Bedtime Snack – popcorn
    • Saturday –
      • Lunch – Macaroni and cheese
      • Breakfast –  Eggs and Toast
      • Breakfast Snack – dry cereal
      • Afternoon Snack – animal crackers and cheese sticks
      • Bedtime Snack – goldfish
    • Sunday-
      • Lunch – Loaded Sandwich
      • Breakfast – dry cereal
      • Breakfast Snack – cookies (church snack)
      • Afternoon Snack – cookies (church snack)
      • Bedtime Snack – fruit and cheese stick

Making your weekly meal menu

When you go about making your menu, keep  in mind what you have and how you want to distribute it.  We can always make something from what looks like nothing.  We just have to get in there and do it.  And try to mark it off your inventory list.  Before long you will be able to have days that are interchangeable for those surprise guests and surprise illnesses.

Later on we will discuss more about what you can do to plan and cook ahead, and how to make a menu that even your husband can take over.

Good luck, and leave me a comment to let me know how it is going for you.


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