Good News

This week I got some good news.  I got a phone call Monday morning, while I was making arrangements to get the kids where they needed to be and anything else I, or they, might need for my trip to the doctor’s.  I was thinking, just before the call, why do I have to drive an hour to find out news that may be bad in a cold, unfamiliar place, instead of the comfort of my own home.  This just does not make sense to me.  Then the phone rang.  It was the doctor’s and they needed to shuffle some things and wouldn’t be able to get me in at 1pm like they originally stated.

So, now I’m thinking, oh just great.  But, then she asked me if it was all right if they told me the results over the phone or if I would like to reschedule.  Of course, I wanted to do this at home.  So, I let her know it was perfectly fine.  I learned I had a Fibrotic Noma (don’t quote me on the spelling…medical terms are not my thing).  It is large, but it is benign.  If it doesn’t bother me, and if it doesn’t grow rapidly, they are going to leave it there.269H


So, although I am entirely happy that it isn’t cancer, even though I have to get it checked every 6 months, I still can’t help but be a bit disappointed.  If it was cancer, then maybe that could account for all the other symptoms I’m experiencing.  Maybe it would solve everything.  I mean, we pretty much have cancer beat for a lot of areas so long as we catch it in time, right?   But I am happy I don’t have to go through all that at this time.

Which means I’m back to square one and I’m still trying to learn my new limits.  My parents and friends are on me about recording all my symptoms, now that I have a doctor that will listen to me.  I should give them a bit more to work with, to help them figure it out a bit faster.  I also keep getting told to listen to my body.  Which I have done SOOOOOO much more since the seizures.  But, when you never know when your body is going to scream at you to stop abruptly, you take a risk every day so long as you are doing something, even cleaning your house.

Now back 4 weeks, when I had a seizure, a very close family friend of ours, one of her friends had a heart attack.  And she had learned to listen to her body not long before that by watching a woman on the news sharing her symptoms of a heart attack.  Women have to be so careful, because our symptoms for heart attack are generally much more subtle than a man’s.  But even men should be aware of this, as every attack is not the same.

I was floored learning these symptoms, because they are some of what I experience, especially before a seizure.  But, when Tammy watched the news, she had learned what to keep an eye out for.  And she found herself in a situation that she was able to apply it to her own situation.  It saved her life.

212HRecording and watching your symptoms are important.  It doesn’t make us week.  It doesn’t mean we are whining.  It means we are being responsible for our own health.

Some of us are so used to dealing with pain and the like, that we are so used to saying that we’re fine.  We end up forgetting the important things to tell our doctors, or even watch out for.  Pain is just one of the things that can overwhelm your body and cause a fuzziness in your mind, making it so that you forget a lot of important things.  Especially in an emergency.  However, with reminders, like recording the news piece you wanted to hear or writing it down to tell your doctor.  It may help you remember and it may well save your life.

Tammy, I’m so happy that you learned something to look out for, and the pair of you have shared with all of us how paying attention to what our bodies are telling us is important and can help us.  And I’m happy that you are feeling much better now.

Thank you Rhonda for sharing this piece with me.  I know it will help me to remember to keep paying attention to my body and record it so I can share it with the doctor.

I hope you all will take this one to heart, and watch the clip so maybe you can learn something new for yourself as well.

I am currently working on something to help you all keep track of your symptoms, and as soon as it is finished I will attach it here for you to use.

God Bless You All,

Mama Bug


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