Morning “ME” Time

Mama’s need their time too, and mornings are important.

In the morning, yes, we wake up….That’s a given.  But a lot of the time, in order for things to run well throughout the day, we need to be on top of things.  Here, sometimes Daddy Bug will spring things on me.  Like today he called to ask me if I wanted to go shopping when he gets out of work.  That may not seem like much, and most of you are probably thinking, why don’t I go during the day with less kids to take and not having to take the whole family?  Well, since my seizure on February 13th, I am no longer allowed to drive for a 6 months without a seizure unless the doctors say otherwise.

This throws me off, because now I have to make all my plans around rides, and baby sitters, and everyone else.  I can’t even go pick up my buggy from school when she is sick.  I have to arrange a ride.  So, this brings me in to the mornings, and my morning me time.

While trying to get life back on track, and all the changes incorporated into our lives, I need to have it scheduled just like I used to.  So, after I am done with my morning, “Ten Things God Has Gifted You,” Prayer and my morning self assurance routine to start my day right, I sit down for my coffee.


Once fully ready to focus, its time to make your lists.  Start with where you’d like to be.  Your overall goal for yourself, your house, and your family.

My Goal List

  • Get house back in shape to being fully cleaned
  • Get back on a real schedule
  • Learn my new Limits
  • Schedule the Bugs better
  • Add in chores for the Bugs
  • Keep up with my chores and balance them with my new limits.

Once this is done, we need to think of what the first thing to tackle should be.  Some of my goals coincide with others and one of my goals may lead to another.  So, while you’re arranging this next part, you may want to keep this in mind.

My Goal List In Order

  1. Learn my new limits (this leads to keeping up on chores)
  2. Schedule Bugs better (leads to chores for Bugs)
  3. Add in Chores for the Bugs (helps in learning where my schedule will be)
  4. Keep up with my chores and balance them with my new limits. (leads to my Schedule.)
  5. Get back to a real schedule (leads to house in shape)
  6. Get house back into shape fully.


Now we have a basic Main Goal List, and it is in order.  Now we can focus on our important things for the day and how to achieve those main goals.  Breaking things down will help keep things straight for you and help you feel less overwhelmed.

Outline your Buggy’s current schedule.  Make it a basic schedule so that you can add to it later.  I’ll use my Beanie Bug for an example.


School Day for Beanie Bug

  • 6:30AM to 7:15AM
    1. Wake up at
    2. Get Dressed and put dirty clothes in hamper
    3. Eat something
    4. Gather things for school
    5. Brush teeth and potty
    6. Make sure she doesn’t have to potty before get on bus
    7. Dress for weather, get other things on (back pack and any extra)
    8. Wait for bus
  • 7:30 – On Bus and go to school
  • 4:30PM to 7:30pm
    1. Off the bus and put school things away
    2. Have a snack
    3. Eat dinner
    4. play
  • 7:30PM to 8:30PM
    1. Bath Time the Jammies
    2. Bedtime Snack
    3. Brush Teeth
    4. Reading Time
  • 8:30PM to 9PM
    1. a bit of TV before bed
    2. Lights out.


Now I can write out my basic To Do List

Basic Chores

  • Sweep House
  • Vacuum House
  • Mop House
  • Put things away
  • Dishes
  • Laundry


Now that the day is pretty much set, I can keep track of how my basic chores are going and keep track of my buggies and their schedules.  What this does is help with my main goal list of learning my new limits well as getting a good schedule for the buggies going.

Once I’m done with my lists, I OFFICIALLY start the day and wake those buggies.  I do it as cheerfully as possible.  For me, this was one of the hardest thing, because right as soon as I get up, I am SOOOOO not ready for the “Good Morning Sunshine,” attitude.  So, my “Morning Me Time,” is important to prepare for that.

By taking on this attitude, my buggies are waking up on a brighter note even if I am not.  It makes getting them ready for school and the day in general so much better.  And the morning runs much more smooth.

Now, give this a try and leave me a comment to see how it helped you.  I’m going to continue to break more of the daily routine down as I go through it myself, and so I don’t overwhelm you.  If you are going through this “funk,” of a time, then taking it one step at a time is best.  And actually that’s a great rule of thumb for a lot of tough times.

So, try it out, tell me how it did or did not work for you and an other questions.  If you have another way to tackle the morning funk, let me know.  Don’t be afraid to comment.

Until next time,

Mama Bug


2 thoughts on “Morning “ME” Time

  1. I hear you mamabug. The Lord is good and a strong hold in the day of trouble. Forgives your sins, heals ALL your infirmities and crowns you with loving kindness.


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