Stubborn Faith

I’ve given you the start of how my life goes, and some may wonder about my faith…

Matthew 15:21-28

A woman in the crowd shouts to Jesus asking for help with her demon possessed daughter.  He didn’t answer her, and his disciples said he should send her away for shouting through the crowd.  Then Jesus answered and said he was sent to help the lost sheep of Israel.  She approached him and still begged his help.  He said it is not right to take a child’s food and give it to the dog.  She replied, yes, Lord, but isn’t it right for the dog to eat the crumbs that have fallen to the floor from the plates of the children.  Jesus replied, Woman, your faith is great.  Let your request be answered.  And her daughter was healed.251H

Okay, so what does that mean…

This woman wasn’t from Israel.  But she wanted to help her daughter.  So, she asked and was persistent in her asking. And due to that, her prayer was answered.  Her faith was so strong and stubborn, that she knew if she accepted Jesus he would help her.  Now, when I read this I get the feeling that Jesus was in playful banter with her.  And she persisted which made him happily see how great her faith was.  This inspires me through all I am enduring to keep my faith as stubborn as a child would that her mommy could fix anything, I will be that child with our father.  I will ask him to fix the impossible because I know in my heart it can be done if only we ask him.

Further down in the chapter, verses 32-38 Jesus is concerned that sending this crowd that had stayed with him for 3 days without eating would cause them to collapse of hunger on their journeys home.  The disciples asked where they could find enough food in the desolate place they were, to feed the large crowd.  Jesus asked them what they had, and they stated they had 7 loaves of bread and a few small fish.  Jesus took it, and gave thanks.  He broke it and gave it to the disciples who then took it and served the crowd.  They all ate their fill and of the 4,000 men, women, and children they still had 7 large baskets full of leftover.221H

So, even though they did not have enough, God granted them what they needed to fill them.  Again, all that was needed was asking and thanks.

Psalm 91

Speaks of choosing to live under God and declaring him as your refuge.  And he will shelter you under his wing and protect you. He will send angels to carry you so that you will not be harmed and you can call on him and he will answer.  You will see his acts of salvation.

Psalm 103:1-5

Praise the Lord, with everything in me.  And may I never forget what he has done for me.  He forgives all our sins and heals our ailments.  And he saves us from the pit.  He crowns us with love, kindness, and tender mercy.  He satisfies us with good things so that our youth may be renewed.

Luke 18:15-17

They brought the infants for him to touch but the disciples saw this and they sent them away.  Jesus called them back and said let the little children come to me and do not stop them because the Kingdom of God belongs to them.  Truly I say whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a young child will not enter it.


So, with the stubborn faith, we should remember, so long as we accept God and choose to live under him he will protect us.  We should go to him as a child to their parent.  We’re mommies.  We know our children look to us as if we are super heroes.  We should go to God with the same innocence and loving heart asking for the father’s help.  And with that he will fight off all that is ailing us.

I know that so long as I pray and get closer to God, I will only come through.  I know that through the rough journeys I am traveling now, and some of the other very difficult things in life.  Those times I felt I couldn’t draw another breath because of the pain, wheather physical or even emotional.  When I was so drained I didn’t want to get out of bed.  God lifted me.  He spoke to me and told me to move my body.  Told me to keep on loving, forgiving….  Well for me, it was more, “keep on truckin’ girl.  I’m not done with you yet.  If you need me I am here and I will carry you, my little one.”

God’s love can touch us all if we would just swallow our pride, and let him in.  Be stubborn. Ask again and again.  Show him you love him…

Mark 14:3-9

A woman had an expensive alabaster jar of perfumed oil.  She brought it to the table and broke it open and anointed Jesus’ head with it.  The disciples were annoyed and made a point to express that the perfume could have been sold and the money donated to help the poor.  Jesus told them to leave her be. You always do what you can for the poor when you can, but what have you done for me?  She did what she could and anointed me with her perfumed oil for my burial.  Truly I say, wherever the good news is spread throughout the world, what this woman has done for me, she will be remembered for it.

You wouldn’t forget your mother or father for holidays and birthdays.  You call or text randomly to say hello.  You let them know that you love them as often as you think of them.  God is our father.  Why wouldn’t you acknowledge him and give to him as he gives to us.  He doesn’t just want us to read the bible.  He doesn’t just want us to pray and keep talking.  He wants us to allow him to talk to us as well.  He wants a relationship.

Being stubborn with our faith and prayers, but not forgetting to give thanks to him.  Always asking in the name of Jesus to shed his blood to save us.  This is what carries me through these times.  Let it carry you too.  He has the time for you, do you have the time for him?

My prayer for you

Father in Heaven,

Give us the strength to be bold with our questions and requests of you if they are right and true to you.  Put your hands on us all, and heal us.  Take those that would have us suffer out of our lives, heal our illnesses, and give us the strength to go about our day.  Give us the courage to accept you and go to you as a father and ask that of what a child might ask their parent.  Lift us all up to you.

Thank you for all you have given us, God.  And bless us through our day.

In the name of Jesus,




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