Start the Day Right

So, after you’ve gotten up, hopefully you took my advice about your 10 things God has gifted me prayer.  Now it is really time to start the day.  Feed off the first positive thing and go on to the next.

One of the things that go to the pits when you are a mother with little buggies especially, is caring for yourself.  A lot of us don’t get a shower for almost a week at a time.  We don’t put on make up anymore, if ever, don’t get out of our jammies or comfy clothes.  And who does their hair anymore, aside from putting the annoying stuff in a pony tail.

Well stop it!

That’s right, I said stop it.  We can’t devote each and every possible waking second solely to our loved ones and never take time for ourselves.  We have to be taking care of ourselves, because if we don’t maybe we won’t be there one day for our loved ones because of it.  Now, I’m not saying that if you don’t shower you’re going to die and not be able to be there for your children.  Or even that the world will end if we don’t put on make up.  What I AM saying is that when we don’t take time out of our days to do things like this then we tend to slack in the self care department in other areas.

For me it was, oh I’ll hit the doctor another day.  Migraines aren’t that horribly terrible, and my blood pressure only really gets high when I have them.  Who cares if they happen a few times a week.  That’s what IB Proufen is for, right?  Until the day I was visiting my mother and had a seizure sitting at her kitchen table.

So, yes, the things we do in our daily routines to take care of ourselves do help.  Plus they make you feel good.  Who doesn’t like a hot shower to help warm up their muscles, or to look beautiful just because you can?

So, start a morning routine.  Get up before the kids (you likely do this anyways), and give yourself time for the shower.  Pick out a nice outfit.  Put on lotion and make up.  Brush your teeth, and hit up your coffee too.  I like to have my coffee while I get ready in the morning.  Though I wait a bit to drink it after I brush my teeth.  Makes the coffee taste nasty…or maybe the toothpaste.qualities-795865_1920

Another thing to do, and it sounds silly, but it works.  Take time to look in the mirror and find something about yourself that you like, and say it out loud.  It may start with the eyes, but eventually it will get deeper, and it WILL raise your self esteem.  I also like to put notes to myself and tape it to the mirror.  Here is an example of a note I’ve left myself before:

Dear Heather,

Yes, it’s me again.  Just wanted to remind you that you ARE beautiful.  You are a wonderful mother, wife, sister, friend, and person.  You deserve to be treated with love and respect.  You deserve more than you have gotten, and you CAN choose to make the changes necessary in your life.  Even if someone doesn’t believe you can do it, I know you can, because you have done it before in the past…repetitively.  So, hang in there girlfriend.  You deserve the best because you are the best and you can have it!  Don’t forget, I love you.




I was going through some serious marital problems at the time, and these were hot button feelings for me that I needed to address.  And when I took the time to read it, it made me have to look in the mirror. (which I had refused to do for a while)  And after a while of reading it, I took the time to find things I did like about myself.  Within the month I had finally told my husband that I was worth a damn and he will start treating me as such.  Not to mention he had noticed the change of clothes and addition of makeup.  It made him question why I was doing these things.  And when he read the note himself he did feel like an ass.  But hey, it wasn’t for him.  It was for me.  I explained that getting dressed up wasn’t for him either, and at the time that made him angry, but he realized later why I was doing it and got to see for himself how it helped me.

During this time I wrote him a similar letter.  I reminded him that he is a wonderful person, husband, friend, son, and brother as well.  And during this time it helped him with his self esteem.  It helped save our marriage.  Now, it wasn’t the only thing that did, but it did help us both out a lot.  He got to see that with the positive reinforcement of the letter to remind us both, that we were more likely to start believing it and in turn ourselves again.

Once all of that is out of the way, you’re clean, pretty, dressed, and slightly refreshed, what should you do next?

Write a list

Yep, take that coffee to where ever it is you prefer to write your lists, and sit down and write your to do list that you want to work on for the day.  This will help to take off that overwhelming feeling of too much to do and not enough time to do it.  It helps you manage that part of your brain that is not shutting down for you to concentrate on the things that you do.syndicate-1207270_1280

Make the list basic to start, and throughout the day you can check off the things you got done, and worry about the rest later.  Timing and scheduling can be very helpful.

Now wake up the buggies.

By this time, you should have enough time to get the ball rolling for you.  And mornings are rough here, but this little trick has helped me tremendously.  When I wake up my two little school goers, I do so with some pep in my step.  Starting the day out for them with “Good morning my little buggy, it’s time to get up.” In the sweetest voice I can muster, makes them more likely to wake up for me.  And it starts them of on an easier and happier note.  It pulls Belly Bug out of her grumpy wake up mode (though I feel her pain there…sooooo not a morning person).  And it makes my Beanie Bug less likely to have a melt down, the little anxious buggy. (Beanie has been stricken with her mother’s anxiety…poor kid.)

I started out with just the sweet good morning, and have even gotten as far as singing them awake in the morning.  Or sing song-ing them into waking up.  Boy they love it.  I get giggles in the mornings instead of full blown melt downs that end up me shoving them into clothes and out the door.  And a few less complaints from Belly Buggy’s teacher…(not much, but that has more to do with the whole busy bug syndrome than it does with how she started her day.)


So, to wrap her up

Do your ten things God has gifted me prayer, get yourself ready first in the morning, tell yourself what you like about yourself, make your list, and THEN start your day.  You’d be amazed how you feel.

Have you tried this or something like it before?  What were your results?


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