Mama Bug Busy Start


OM@#!!!  Another Day and I Have to Get Up….AGAIN!

At night I’m normally the last to sleep, (if I even get to sleep).  Then I’m normally the first awake, unless my husband is going to work, but that doesn’t count because he’s not fully awake (even though he’s already at work) until after I’m up and getting the buggies out of bed official.  That sounds weird, I know.  And I’ll get to the Daddy Bug and his sleep habits later.

This is how we start a good day here at home…some of this may sound wieird, but I’ve actually done this, and checked it out myself.  I’ve done some of these things for years, and others are new.  But tried and true, they surely are.

221HA Mama with busy bugs is CONSTANTLY BUSY!!!  Who said housewife isn’t a job???

So, where do we start, my mind is racing and sometimes it is too easy to get overwhelmed.  Especially when you’re trying to recover from the recent appearance of siezures of unknown origin.  In too much pain to think, and your immune system is down in the pits because your body is fighting so much.  Now you’re behind, and even getting out of bed is a HUGH chore physically, mentally, and emotionally.


I’ve been there before, and I’m there now.  However, I made a decision, and that is the start of getting out of a funk by yourself.  You have to look at it and say, “Aww Hell NO!!!  I am NOT giving up, no matter what!!!”  And then you have to actually start and stick to it.  But where do you start?  Why not start with getting up in the morning.


Good Mornin’ Sunshine!!!

Okay, yeah, that seems a bit much, but, that’s where you need to be right now.  If you start the day out in a bad mood, when you wake those buggies up, it WILL rub off.  And frankly, that will just make your day with those busy bugs 10 times worse!!!

I’ve said time and time again that I just don’t have time to be sick, hurt, and have weird unknown things springing up on me.  But the truth of the matter is that I don’t have the time to sit and sulk either.  Busy children are hard enough with the peppiest of mothers.  So how are you going to deal with them when you’re spreading your funk to them?

Simply start out PEPPY!!!

I know, I know, “you’ve GOT to be kidding me!” You totally just said that to yourself, I can hear it in my head now.  “This woman is NUTS! How is that even possible in 256Hthis condition?”  It is easier said than done, I’ll admit, but we don’t have to go through this alone.  All we really have to do is start by asking and accepting Jesus into your heart.

“Okay, yep, there she goes again, off her rocker, how can I even sit here and read this s*%t?”  I get it, and I was there before too.  This is where the footprints in the sand poem really kick in.  Sadly to say, most people turn to God when they feel they are at the point of no return.  But the fact of the matter is, he is our father, and he is waiting with open arms, but it is our job to go to him.  Now, hang in there, I do have a point to all of this.

There are so many things God has given us, and we forget it EVERYDAY!!!  And when we stop and think about it, and pray and give thanks, it is a brilliant way to start the day.  Don’t believe me?  What harm could it do to try?  You’re here because you’re at your wits end.  Your kids are driving you nuts, you can’t find satisfaction in life, you’re so down in the dumps you probably haven’t taken a shower in almost a week (give or take), and God only knows the last time you put on makeup, got out of your jammies into something other than comfy clothes (even if you got that far).

So Give it a try…

Now, I believe in God, and know that he is with me every step of the way and of the day. One Sunday at church, my pastor was giving a sermon on things we have been given to us by God, and things we are thankful for. Meaning, every morning he wakes up he says, “Hey there, God. I’d like to thank you for another morning here…” Then he continues is prayer with a list of 10 things he has been gifted and that make him happy. Now, I’ve been known to have a bit of negative from time to time, so naturally I thought, well if I start out bad, it doesn’t matter what I give thanks and notice as my gifts when I start my mornings. So, I tried it here and there. This is what I noticed, on the days that I listed my gifts, I was clear headed enough to tackle the day and whatever it through it me. On the days that started out badly and I listed my gifts, I found that I was lifted out of that bad mood I started with, making it easier to tackle the rest of the day ahead. The days I started out a normal day without listing my gifts, it was more of a struggle through the day with the things I needed to tackle. And lastly, on the days that I totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed, that I did not list my gifts…well horrible doesn’t describe it.

So, suggestion number one, list your ten things you have been gifted in life, that make you happy. Here is my example:

Things God has gifted me:

  1. My husband – he is my best friend, my companion. When I feel alone I have him to make me feel rich in company whether we are speaking or just sitting together.
  2. My children – although challenging often, they make me smile when I need to and sometimes when I don’t need it. They show me how to keep my spirits high just by watching their high spirits (and boy are they high), and I do learn much from them by being there for them. Innocence is a wonderful thing, and we can learn much from that.
  3. My dog – Rosey is my Bullador (English bulldog and Yellow Lab Mix), she has so much love to give that is unconditional. And frankly, that piggy noise she makes when she is happy, excited, overwhelmed, or anything really, is absolutely adorable. Although the majority of the time I think I adopted a pig and not a dog.
  4. My Home – it may not be much, and it is definitely not a mansion in any way shape or form, but it is mine to do with what I wish. It is what houses my family and keeps them safe.
  5. My Kitchen – Yes, seems silly, but my kitchen is as much a temple to me as my church is. I am a baker, so baking and cake decoration helps alleviate much stress, and it is something I can get back as well from whatever I am baking or cooking, every time I feed my family and I hear the “mmmmm,” or, “Great dinner mom!” Even when people go back for seconds, thirds, and fourths, it is an unspoken thank you and gratitude that gives me much back.
  6. My mother – She is there whenever I need her and she has taught me so much, including that family is everything, and family should be there for one another.
  7. My Stepfather – Even a big burly strong man can have a sensitive side, and he’s always shown me love, acceptance, patience, and so much more fore as long as I’ve know him (a LOOOONG time), and he doesn’t feel less of a man to show those other wonderful sides to himself either.  His love and strength has shown me a much throughout the years.
  8. My father – he has shown me that hard work is worth the effort for the payout is always great weather it is in monetary value or other.  He has shown me that persistence can and will get you there, and it is always worth trying.
  9. My stepmother – whose patience with me has guided me through a lot. She has shown me that family doesn’t have to be blood to be family, and so long as you participate in the family and call yourself family, you will be treated as much.
  10. My brothers, sisters, friends and other family – they have taught me a variety of things in what to do and what not to do, and being the oldest, and knowing that many still come to me to talk, learn, or just plain hang out is more than just a happy feeling.  And, although I personally do not have many that have the actual title of friend, I have chosen those close to me to be just that. I learn much from them every day. I can do things with them or just talk and that smile, word of encouragement, or just presence can be enough to lighten the mood or the whole day.

And, although I do not put it in my specific list, I thank God every day for him and his son. Truly I could not do what I do without them. They have saved me time and time again, and I have learned to put my trust in God to get me through.


So it’s your turn.  Can you list ten things?  Do it right before you start your morning routine.  Right before you get out of bed even.  Toss up a little prayer of thanks, and even ask for help with your day, and don’t forget to do so in Jesus name.  It never hurts to have all the extra back up you need.


So, Good Morning Sunshine!

Mama Bug



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